19 Ways to Use Grapeseed Oil for Skin, Hair and Beauty

Who would have known that grapeseed oil is beneficial for your skin along with being a great food item? It acts as a light moisturizer along with some great healing agents.

When it comes to your skin, you tend to look out for the best things to beautify and protect it from all the skin problems.

Grapeseed oil can be your companion in this journey as the oil is enriched with great moisturizing and healing properties that can treat your skin in the perfect way.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What is grapeseed oil?
  • Why you should use grapeseed oil for skin?
  • Frequent questions and answers regarding the use of it

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What is Grapeseed Oil?

The seeds of grapes that remain from the production of grape juice and wine are the sources of grapeseed oil. The seeds are pressed to get the oil out of them.

The best thing about this oil is that no extra measures are needed to produce it. Grapeseed oil (1) contains vitamin C, vitamin E, Lineolic acid and many other powerful antioxidants.

Uses of Grapeseed Oil For Healthy Skin

1. A Great Moisturizer for Skin

Moisturizers are essential when it comes to skin care. Grapeseed oil is a wonderful moisturizer for your skin.

The oil is enriched with good vitamins and minerals that provide the perfect moisture to your skin, making it smooth and soft.

Recommended Directions:

  • To use grapeseed oil as a moisturizer, you just need to take a tiny amount of the oil on your hand and apply it all over your face. 

2. Lightening Your Skin

 grapeseed oil for skin

Grapeseed oil, being rich in vitamin C and Vitamin E, can even out your skin tone and lighten it.

If you have blemishes or dark spots on your skin, grapeseed oil will take care of them by reducing the intensity, which will result in a brighter skin tone.

If your skin has any hyper pigmented (2) area, the oil will work on that as well.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take a few drops of grapeseed oil and mix a few drops of carrot or lemon essential oil to make a mixture.
  • Apply this onto your skin for better results.

3. Hydrating Skin

Your skin needs hydration. Perfectly hydrated skin results in many other skin benefits. The minerals of grapeseed oil provide your skin with the proper hydration it needs.

Many of you suffer from dryness of skin. Dry skin tends to become rough and harsh which leads to skin infections and itching.

So hydration is very important for your skin, especially for the dry skin types. Use grapeseed oil to remove dryness and to get a flawless texture.

Recommended Directions:

  • Combine your grapeseed oil with some fresh water or rosewater and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Keep the bottle with you wherever you go and spray some of the mixtures whenever you feel the need to hydrate your face.

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4. Balancing Oil Production

Our skin produces oil naturally. These oils are very beneficial for our skin as they provide natural moisture and nourishment and the best part is that they are produced in our body naturally.

The glands which produce the oil are known as sebaceous glands (3). Sebum production can vary with skin types and age.

Oily skin types are more likely to produce sebum than the dry types. Excess oil can cause infections on your skin. Also, no one wants a greasy face.

The use of grapeseed oil, in this case, balances the production of sebum. It maintains a level that will provide necessary oil for dry skin while reducing excess oil production for oily skin.

Recommended Directions:

  • Apply few drops of this oil regularly on your skin.

5. Eliminating Spider Veins 

Spider vein, also known as varicose vein (4) is a very common phenomenon. Such veins can appear anywhere on your body.

Use of grapeseed oil can eliminate these veins if applied regularly maintaining the following procedure.

Recommended Directions:

  • Mix 10 to 15 drops of cypress essential oil with your grapeseed oil and apply it all over the area that you want to treat
  • Do this right after taking a shower when the body is wet.
  • Repeat this regularly.

6. Cleansing Oil

The idea of cleansing oil (5) is very common these days.

In the present era, people are looking for cleansing oils that will cleanse the skin of dirt and pollutants while providing moisture as well. Cleansing oils are a new substitute for make-up removing serums as well.

Well good news for you! Grapeseed oil is a wonderful cleansing oil that not only clarifies your skin but also provides it protection from many other skin problems.

Recommended Directions:

  • You can make a DIY cleansing oil at home. For this you can choose any other essential oils that work great on your skin and combine them with majority of grapeseed oil.
  • Fill up a pump bottle with the mixture.
  • Pump some oil out of the bottle whenever you need to cleanse your face.

7. Restoring Collagen

Collagen is a protein that can be found in abundance in our body. This protein provides elasticity, strength and promotes the generation of new skin cells.

Collagen (6) is very important for our skin as it forms a fibrous net beneath our skin cells and protects our skin from harm’s way.

As we age, collagen starts breaking down resulting in deterioration of your skin’s natural balance. If the perfect method is chosen, collagen can be restored.

The use of grapeseed oil can help you in this regard. Compounds of grapeseed oil helps in restoring collagen and forming healthy skin cells.

Recommended Directions:

  • Apply a few drops of grapeseed oil regularly on your skin.

8. Reducing Wrinkles 

How to get rid of wrinkles

Wrinkles (7) and fine lines are very common with growing age. Grapeseed oil is known to contain elements that can help reduce wrinkles from your skin.

Recommended Directions:

  • Apply grapeseed oil over your wrinkles.
  • Leave it on your skin overnight.
  • Repeat daily.

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9. Tightens Your Skin

Tight and firm skin works as the perfect base for a good look. It’s easier to put makeup on firm skin.

Grapeseed oil contains astringent (8) property which tightens your skin resulting in firm and supple looking skin.

Recommended Directions:

  • Apply grapeseed oil on your face regularly.
  • Also, apply this oil to any parts of your body that you feel needs firmness.

10. As An Anti-Aging Serum

Grapeseed oil is well known as an anti-aging element these days.

The use of this oil on your skin promotes healthy and new skin cells and ensures proper oxygen supply to them.

Thus the application of grapeseed oil as an anti-aging serum can fight against the signs of aging and make your skin youthful, firm, well toned and attractive.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take a few drops of grapeseed oil and apply all over your skin.
  • Do this regularly.

11. Repairing Skin Cells

how to repair skin with grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, Linoleic acid and powerful antioxidants, works great on dull and lifeless skin by adding a little life to them.

Our skin cells get damaged with age and thus, our skin becomes sensitive and more pigmented day by day. Grapeseed oil acts as a remedy to these problems by generating the production of new skin cells along with repairing the damaged ones.

Recommended Directions:

  • Mix grapeseed oil with an essential oil of your choice.
  • Apply the mixture regularly on your skin.

12. Reduces Sun Damage

Getting a suntan is often signified as an added beauty to your body, but in reality a tan represents damage to the skin cells and tissues. This damage, if too severe, can even lead to skin cancer.

Sunburn often causes inflammation, redness, itching, stinging and peeling of skin. Application of grapeseed oil can reduce the problems and protect your skin from severe sun damage.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take a few drops of this oil and apply on your sun damaged skin.
  • Repeat daily for better results.

13. Eliminating Dark Circles

how to eliminate dark circle under eye

Grapeseed oil also works great on eliminating dark circles from your eyes. It lightens your dark circles and eliminates them entirely if used regularly.

Recommended Directions:

  • Just dab a couple of drops of this oil on your under eye area.
  • Leave it on overnight.
  • Repeat every night.

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14. Minimizing Pores

There are many pores (9) minimizing serums or lotions available on the market. Grapeseed oil can act as a natural pore minimizer.

The powerful antioxidants and vitamins of grapeseed oil help to tighten your skin and minimize the appearance of pores on your face.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take a few drops of this oil and apply over your pores.
  • Gently rub it on your skin.
  • Repeat every day.

15. As a Facial Toner

Toner is essential for proper skin care. Vitamin C and astringents of grapeseed oil help you in achieving skin that is glowing and radiant.

This can work as a natural toner (10) for your face.

Recommended Directions:

  • Apply some grapeseed oil immediately after washing your face with a face wash or after an exfoliation.

16. A Summertime Body Lotion

It becomes hard to take care of your body during summer as application of any moisturizing lotions or serums during this season causes irritation and sweating. 

Grapeseed oil can aid this problem. The oil, being non-greasy and lightweight, makes a suitable element for a summer-time body lotion.

Combine your grapeseed oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and your summer time body lotion is ready.

Recommended Directions:

  • Apply this lotion as per your need during the summer time.

17. Healing Scars

Your body and skin develop many scars with growing age.  Grapeseed oil can heal scars on your skin by regular application. 

Also if your skin develops a new scar, apply grapeseed oil immediately on it for faster recovery.

Recommended Directions:

  • Apply a few drops of this oil on your affected area regularly.

18. Reducing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (11) can be the results of sudden growth in teens, too much weight loss or rapid weight gain and pregnancy.

Stretch marks appear to be red at first which turn grayish with time. Grapeseed oil can’t possibly eliminate the marks but it can reduce the appearance of them and make them fade away slowly.

If you can make sure to apply some of this oil right after the hint of a stretch mark, you might even eliminate it entirely.

Recommended Directions:

  • Take a few drops of this oil and massage gently over your stretch marks.
  • Repeat regularly.

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19. Healing Acne

Home Remedies for Acne

Acne (12) is an infection of the skin. It is defined as a skin disease which is caused by the changes in the sebaceous glands, resulting in inflammation and redness of the skin. It also results in pimples and swollen skin with visible scarring.

Grapeseed oil contains polyphenols that help in reducing the redness and inflammation caused by acne.

The astringent property of this oil fights with the acne causing bacteria and prevents your skin from getting affected by them which reduces the chances of acne on your skin.

The active antioxidants and vitamins of grapeseed oil heal your acne affected skin and prevent further infections.

Recommended Directions:

  • Mix your grapeseed oil with some other soothing essential oil.
  • Apply the mixture on your affected skin.
  • Do this on a daily basis.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What is the best benefit of grapeseed oil for my skin?

A 1: According to me, the best benefit of grapeseed oil is that the oil doesn’t clog the pores of your skin, making it a must-have for skin treatments.

Q 2: Can you use grapeseed oil as a night time serum?

A 2: Yes of course. The use of grapeseed oil as a night time serum locks in moisture and brings out a glow to the natural complexion of your skin.

Bottom Line

Grapeseed oil is not greasy, significantly lightweight and has a very thin consistency. All this goodness comes in one package.

It can provide amazing treatment to your skin and beautify it. Also, the choice is an inexpensive one and much more price worthy than many other beauty products. So choose grapeseed oil for your skin and stay beautiful.

If you have anything to ask regarding this article please feel free to do so in the comment section. Hope this was helpful to you.

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