Sake is a rice wine or rice koji.

It is the Japanese’s favorite drink. The drink is brewed like a beer but is drunk like wine. It is created by brewing a special kind of rice and water.

It is the national drink of Japan. It is related to their beliefs and tradition. The drink has great value too in Japanese social life.

Sake has a great deal on Japanese health who lives an average life of 81 to 87 years. In a moderate amount, the health benefits of sake can improve your health and longevity. [1]

People in Japan have one of the lowest obesity rates, and the elderly are more fit than in most countries. Japanese drinking and eating habits are effective for good health and long life. So drinking sake is good for you.

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Health Benefits of Sake – Based on Evidence

Like any other alcohol sake too has its health value in moderate drinking.

1. Sake can Prevent Cancer

This might be the best benefit that sake can provide. Sake has a variety of amino acids that are found to be able to prevent cancer. [1]

Sake kasu which is the leftover the Sake may have a natural cancer-killing agent.

2. Sake may Boost Immune System

Drinking sake is also known to increase one’s immune system. Researchers claim that it can reduce the mortality rate. [2]

3. Sake can Prevent Aging

Sake probably can slow down the aging process of both skin and the brain. It may keep one active and young for a longer time. [3]

4. Sake may be a Natural Osteoporosis Cure

Sake can be an effective cure for Osteoporosis. The study recommends that women who are suffering from this disease drink 3-6 glasses of sake per week. [4]

5. Sake may Guard the Heart

The benefits of drinking sake include optimum heart health.

A moderate amount of Sake can dissolve the bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. This keeps the heart safe. Sake may also lower blood pressure. [5]

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6. Sake is a Good Source of Selenium Source

An 8-oz. A portion of sake contains 3.3 micrograms of selenium. On average, an adult requires 55 micrograms of selenium each day. [6]

You can combine sake with other food like tuna, flounder, and scallops to increase the intake of selenium.

7. Sake can Lower Diabetes Possibility

Moderate drinking of sake may keep the chances of getting diabetes to a minimum. [7]

8. Sake may Stop Senility & Alzheimer

Possibly, it keeps the brain healthy and functioning correctly. For that reason, people drinking a moderate amount of Sake have proven to have a good memory even in older years. The antioxidants present in it also prevent Alzheimer’s disease. [8]

9. Sake may fight Allergy

Some researchers have reported that applying sake relieves atopic eczema. Also, drinking sake moderately may prevent pollen, food, and house dust mites-related allergies.

Sake lees have 5 types of substances that inhibit Cathepsin B [12] enzyme responsible for allergy. [9]

10. Sake is Good for Skin and Hair Care

Not only drinking it but applying sake topically is also helpful. Many doctors in Japan use sake to treat sumo wrestlers’ wounds. It can strengthen hair and prevent hair fall.

According to a study published in “Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry“, Sake can improve skin elasticity by stimulating sensory neurons.

Sake has glycerol, glycerin, and amino acids which are moisturizing elements. Adding sake to one’s bath water can moisturize skin and discourages heat effect. Sake, sake lees, and Koji (related to sake) can inhibit the production of melanin under the skin. [10]

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11. Sake may Improve Stomach Activity

Where drinking other alcoholic drinks is tough on the stomach sake can be a better option.  A study carried out on rats proved sake to be less of a mucosal irritant than whiskey. [11]

So sake is better for people with stomach ulcers or gastritis. Also, drinking sake promotes appetite. It regulates your digestive system well.

12. Sake can Stand Against Obesity

Drinking sake is not fattening. On the contrary, sake keeps the digestive system well and functioning. The drink helps to fight against obesity and the health risks associated with it. [12]

13. Sake may Regulate Blood Circulation

Sake may increase blood circulation in the body and improve oxygenation. [13]

14. Sake can Reduce Stress

Like any other alcoholic drink sake too can calm down nerves. It may improve sleep quality. [14]

15. Sake is a Potential Probiotic

There are strains of lactic acid bacteria in the fermented sake. These are probiotics. They are good for the intestines’ health and promote a good digestion system. [14]

Sake Intake Amount

Sake is an alcoholic drink, and it has to be regulated while drinking. Studies have shown that women should have 1 glass every other day and men should only have 2 glasses every other day.

This system produces an effect called hormesis. In it, alcohol or something similar harms bodies a little bit, but the body becomes stronger in response.

Sake Side Effects and Precautions

Sake is an alcoholic drink. It can cause more trouble if not deal with properly. Sake is also an alcohol and people have to know their limit before drinking it.

  • Sake can cause severe hangovers that will lead to a headache and nausea for the rest of the day and even the next.
  • Over-drinking sake upsets the stomach and causes dehydration.
  • Sake too can be an addiction. Any alcohol addiction results in various anti-social activities.
  • Alcohol generally is bad for the liver and triggers for its cancer.

Sake Facts and Nutritional Benefits

  • The color is light/ transparent to slight yellowish
  • It is non-carbonated
  • Not distilled
  • Gluten-free beverage
  • Have a sweet to dry flavor
  • Contains up to 18% alcohol
  • The mild flavor profile, light crisp to rich
  • Substantial, fruity notes
  • Sake nutritional benefits: 134 calories, 2 mg sodium, 25 mg potassium, 5 g carbohydrate, 5 g protein, 1% magnesium per 100g of sake

Final Note

Japanese cuisine is gaining popularity all over the world, in the recent hype about ethnic cuisine. Sake thereby has become famous in the circle of food lovers.

Excess to anything is never welcomed, and alcohol can never be all good. Sake, alcohol has its merit, but there are fatal demerits too.

Do not get overwhelmed with all the shining benefits. You may enjoy the health benefits of sake by drinking it in moderation.

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