Meet Naturally Daily Team

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We are a small band of highly motivated, energetic, and health conscious individuals. We are passionate about spreading our knowledge with you.All our writers and editors are experts and certified in Aromatherapy and Alternative Remedies. We boast of having a professional medical review board for fact-checking all our contents.

Naturally Daily Managerial Board

1.Ikram Abir

Founder and CEO

  1. Sharif Munna


Naturally Daily Medical Advisors and Review Board

Our Editorial Board

Mithun Rozario

Head of Content, Editor-in-Chief

Anika Salam

Assistant editor


Line editor

Our Writers

  • Nafisa Orni
  • Shirotaz
  • Akiva Benzomin
  • Sadaf Rahman
  • Maisha

Our Visualizers

  1. Mohsin
  2. Ziko
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