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Thank you for your interest in doing health guest posting, wellness guest post or sponsored post on Naturally Daily! We are always looking for knowledgeable writers to contribute high-quality articles about natural health, herbal remedies, essential oils, nutrition, recipes, and DIY projects. If you have a useful product and service to promote, we can help spread the word.

Who We Are

Naturally Daily is dedicated to providing reliable information on natural health, holistic living, alternative medicine, and the power of nature. Our goal is help people live healthier, greener lives by sharing research-backed resources.

With over 1 million annual readers, Naturally Daily has become a trusted source for natural wellness advice and home remedies. Our articles take a practical approach focused on what works based on science and traditional wisdom.

Health and Wellness Guest Post Opportunities

We welcome writers with expertise in the following health topics:

  • Herbal medicine and natural remedies
  • Essential oils and aromatherapy
  • Healing foods, superfoods, and nutritional supplements
  • DIY natural beauty, personal care, and home projects
  • Natural health conditions and advice
  • Research-based holistic wellness practices

The ideal writer has:

  • Deep knowledge of their health niche with the credentials to demonstrate expertise
  • Strong research and writing skills with ability to cite reputable sources
  • Passion for evidence-based natural health and holistic living
  • Experience crafting well-organized, engaging online health content
  • Skills optimizing content for SEO while providing value to readers

Article Guidelines for Health Guest Posts

Articles should be thoroughly researched, well-written, and optimally formatted to provide readers with valuable natural health advice.

Length: 1,000 – 2,000 words

Focus: Informational and advice-based using science-backed evidence on relevant natural health topics

Voice: Friendly, empathetic, and accessible for a general audience

Style: Conversational yet authoritative tone providing practical, actionable guidance

Formatting: Break content into sections with subheadings for scannability

Images: Provide original, high-quality images or recommend visually engaging public domain/Creative Commons images for your articles

Sources: Cite at least 5 reputable sources such as medical journals, university publications, accredited websites (NIH, CDC, FDA, etc.).

Optimized: Target primary keyword/keyphrase in title, subtitles, URL, meta description, and content. Include related LSI keywords and answer reader questions.

Please read our guidelines before pitching article ideas to make sure your proposal aligns with our needs. We look forward to your health guest and sponsored post.

How to Become a Contributor

If you feel you’d make a good fit as a health writer for Naturally Daily, please:

  1. Send a short bio explaining your experience/background along with 3-5 article topic proposals to naturallydaily@gmail.com. Include links to 2-3 published articles that demonstrate your writing expertise and ability to research/cite sources.
  2. For sponsored post, please send your clients project details and any other guidelines to naturallydaily@gmail.com

Our editorial team will review your submission and reach out if we feel you are a good match for our site. We try to respond to all pitches within 2 weeks. Please allow us time as we thoughtfully consider writers.

Thank you again for reading. We hope to hear from you soon!

Please note; all health and wellness related guest or sponsored posts should be written with proper medical research and citation.