If you have been invited to a baby shower, you may be wondering what a good gift for the expectant mother would be. This is especially true if you are not a parent and do not know what newborn babies need. If you are a seasoned mom, you may have some great ideas. You may also wonder if baby registry etiquette means you have to give something off the registry list. The good news is that a soon-to-be-new mom will appreciate any gift you give, so be creative or practical, and give from the heart.

Nutritional Products

One thing that is important for all moms (and dads) is that their baby is healthy. It is always nice to have nutritional products on hand in the event the baby is not feeling well, if it is cold or flu season, or if the baby is experiencing diaper rash or teething discomfort.  

Baby bundle gifts are perfect, especially if you do not know what else to get. These contain essential items that many newborns will need at some point. Examples include:

  • Diaper rash cream
  • Gripe water for gassy tummies
  • Chest rub to soothe chest colds
  • Vitamin D drops or multivitamins
  • Immune support
  • Cough syrup
  • Lotion
  • Teething gel

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a baby bundle is that some infant products contain unwanted ingredients. Make sure they do not contain parabens, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, petroleum, or fragrances. Organic items are also ideal. 

Newborn Gift Set

Along with a newborn bundle, you may want to give gift sets that all newborns need. For example, a set of sheets and blankets or a set of bibs. Cute clothing sets are also appreciated, as newborns tend to go through many sets of clothes. Book sets also help babies begin to build up a library.

Items for Mom

Your gift does not necessarily need to be for the newborn. Expectant moms love to receive gifts that they will enjoy, as well. A soft robe or cozy slippers are good ideas, as are decadent lotions or candles. A piece of jewelry is a nice touch, as is a stylish diaper bag. To help new moms through the first few months, consider gifting a flower or food delivery subscription.

Gift Cards for Bigger Items

Some of the items on a gift registry, such as cribs, baby monitors, strollers, and car seats, are essential but expensive. Although it may not seem like the most unique gift, it is always ok to give expectant moms a gift card. This allows the parents to better afford more pricey items, and it can be fun for them to do their own shopping. Gift cards are also good for after the baby is born, as there is an almost constant need for buying stuff as the newborn grows.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is to not stress out about a baby shower gift. It is the thought that counts, and new moms will appreciate anything that will help make their lives easier