Grief is the response to losing something precious. It could be your loved one’s death, the end of a relationship, or losing your job. [1]

Grief comes with a variety of emotions such as loneliness or sadness. This condition is quite common.  But it can also lead to severe mental disorders such as depression,  stress, and anxiety.

Grief is not a medical issue. It can be managed with some therapies, consultations, and meditations.  Another effective way to manage grief is to use some essential oils. [2]

This article looks into some essential oils for the grief that may help control your emotions with their calming effects.

7 Calming Essential Oils for Grief, Sadness, and Loss

You may wonder how essential oils can help you when you’re lost in grief and depression. But, they can uplift your mood with their calming and cheerful aroma.

Some of the essential oils can calm your mind with their heavenly aroma. Others can do that with the relaxing effects.

1. Bergamot OilBergamot Oil

The citrusy but amazing aroma of bergamot oil can help you let go of your emotion. The antidepressant properties of this oil can uplift your mood.

Bergamot oil can improve your blood circulation and produce happy feelings and energy. [3]

The oil can help you if you’re sad and depressed. You may feel cheerful just by inhaling its aroma.

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2. Lavender OilLavender Oil

Lavender oil can be a good choice if you’re feeling down due to grief and depression. For centuries, people have been using lavender and its oil to uplift their moods.

The oil is rich in analgesic and relaxing properties. Thus, it can deal with issues like anxiety, depression, and stress that may happen due to grief. [4]

Some studies have also shown the ability of lavender oil to promote mental health. [5]

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3. Grapefruit OilGrapefruit Oil

Grapefruit essential oil can help you get rid of those heavy feelings. The amazing scent of grapefruit oil can calm you down and fill your mind with positive feelings. [6]

When you’re overwhelmed by sadness and loss, certain emotions like anger and depression may also develop. Grapefruit oil is well known to dispel those emotions as well.

4. Cedarwood OilCedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil may help you stay strong during a challenging emotional time. You may feel emotionally strong and stable even if you’re down with sadness, depression, and grief.

The oil has sedative effects. Hence, it can relax your mind and promote better sleep. [7]

5. Rose OilRose Oil

Rose essential oil has psychological effects on the mind. Those effects make the oil a good choice for treating grief.

The strong therapeutic components of this oil can promote calmness and help decrease tension in your muscle.

Rose oil has a positive effect on sadness, depression, and anxiety due to grief. [8]

The scent of this oil can improve your mood and leave you with a relaxed and soothing feeling.

6. Clary Sage OilClary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil can help you feel better. A study found that this essential oil has strong anti-depressant effects that can stabilize your mood. [9]

Researchers conducted an animal test. Clary sage oil reduced the stress hormone level in some rat subjects. [9]

It’s because this essential oil can regulate the level of serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine in the brain.

7. Ylang Ylang OilYlang Ylang Oil

The mild sedative effect of ylang-ylang oil can promote calmness and reduce stress levels. It can also help balance the hormone responsible for your emotional state.

Using ylang ylang oil in a diffuser can create a relaxing and calming environment. [10]

Its rich fragrance can decrease your painful emotions and enhance your mood.

How to Use Essential Oils for Grief

There are various ways to use essential oil to improve your emotional state. Whether it’s a calming massage or a diffuser, it will help in uplifting your mood.


  • Dilute 3-4 drops of any essential oil with a carrier oil.
  • Gently rub the oil in your palm and the bottom of your feet.


  • Pour some essential oils into a diffuser and place it beside your bed.
  • Inhale the aroma to have a relaxing and better sleep.

Precautions While Using Essential Oils

While essential oils can improve your emotional state, they can also harm you if you use them in the wrong way.

Therefore, you must take the following safety measures while using any essential oil:

  • Never use any essential oil topically without diluting them first. Some essential oils are quite strong. Thus, they can irritate your skin.
  • If you’re allergic to any essential oil, don’t use them.
  • If you’re pregnant, don’t use any essential oil without asking a doctor.
  • Don’t go to direct sunlight after applying any citrus oils. These essential oils can make your skin photosensitive.
  • No matter how mild some essential oils are, always do a patch test before using them on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

Accidents can happen to us anytime, anywhere. We can lose our loved ones or anything that’s important to us.

Being sad about losing something is very reasonable and usually harmless. But, if you’re overwhelmed by grief, it may hurt your regular life.

Always think positive and move on. Try to do some yoga and meditation for emotional uplifting.

You can also try the essential oils to enhance your mood and mental health.

If you find it challenging to work on your emotion, you must consult a psychologist. Take any necessary step to overcome your grief and sadness.

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