Every couple goes through a hard time at least once, in their lifetime. Trust issues, money problems, cultural differences, etc. can put you in a situation where you may not find your partner as supportive as you want.

While some couples choose to split up, you may want to give your relationship a second chance. In that case, couple therapy may help you.

Most often, couple therapy is associated with a relationship in serious trouble. But, this therapy can be helpful even if you’re quite happy together. It can help you understand each other better and strengthen the bonding.

Here are some reasons behind seeking a couple of therapy sessions:

1. You Have a Communication Problem.

Proper communication is the key to every successful relationship. You can communicate with your partner through phone, text, social media, or in person. But, things between you may get complicated if you have communication issues.

Therapy helps you learn how to communicate with each other positively. The kind of communication you grow up around can strongly affect your communication style with your partner. A therapy session can help you to make a conscious choice of how you will communicate with your partner.

2. You Have Trust Issues.

A relationship can be harmed, even destroyed if you don’t trust each other. You can’t have a solid and healthy relationship if there’s a shadow of distrust between you. Therapy or relationship counseling can help you in regaining trust.

Learning to trust again isn’t a quick process. It may not be possible without proper guidance. Counseling can teach you how you can understand the process of regaining trust, providing necessary tools and direction.

3. One of You is Unfaithful.

Infidelity is the most damaging thing that happens in a relationship. One of you may be unfaithful. Most of the time it destroys the relationship. But if you still want to continue with your relationship, therapy can help.

A therapy session can help you both to start your journey towards resolution. It will help you to find a practical and meaningful way to forgive each other.

4. One of You is from a Blended Family.

In a relationship, one or both may have children from another relationship. Sometimes it is hard to deal with a child of your partner. Having a bad relationship with the kid can hurt your partner. In that case, both of you must know how to handle this situation practically.

Couple therapy can help you understand each other’s struggles. It will help you create proper communication with the children. You will gradually gain respect from them.

5. You are in a Non-Traditional Relationship.

If you are in a non-traditional relationship, such as an open relationship or polyamory, you are likely to face trouble a lot. You may have to struggle a lot because of your lifestyle.

Therapy can help you get rid of the fear of not being valued due to the kind of relationship you are in. A therapist can provide you with an open and safe place to work on the difficulties you are having.

6. You are Having Sexual Issues.

Sex is an important issue for every couple. It can bring a couple together. But it can also be a battleground haunted by anxiety, embarrassment, and anger.

While it’s necessary to talk about this issue, some couples may feel uncomfortable talking about sex.

A good sex therapist can open up the conversation and make it easy for you to talk about sexual issues. They will educate you about sexual issues and help you back on track.

7. You are from a Different Background.

Cross-cultural relationship is quite common these days. But unfortunately, these couples tend to struggle a lot. Most of the time they have to fight to get support from their families and the communities they belong to.

A couple of counselors can help you understand each other’s backgrounds. If you respect each other’s culture and background, it will be easier for you to deal with the haters.

8. You are Splitting Up.

When you decide to break up with your partner, you may have to go through a lot of depression. Whether it’s an agreement or otherwise, managing life can be difficult for both of you. A couple of counseling may help you to end your relationship peacefully.

Counseling is not about saving the relationship every time. A counselor can help you determine if splitting up is really the best move for both of you. It will also help you to decide how you will share the custody if there’s a kid or pet involved.

9. You’ve Decided to Move in Together.

You don’t always need a crisis to visit a couple of therapists. Visiting a counselor also helps if you decide to move in together or get married.

A couple of therapists can help you understand whether you’re ready to get married. He/she can ensure whether you can effectively argue, communicate, and understand each other.

How to Find a Therapist

It’s not that difficult to find a good psychologist or a couple of therapists. You just need to find a way that is suitable for you.

1. Meet a Therapist Physically.

There are some good counselors who can help you and your partner. A good therapist will make you comfortable discussing your problem. He/she needs to understand both of you and your partner’s problem clearly. Successful counseling can help you come up with a solution that will be beneficial for both of you.

2. Try an Online Couple Therapy

Sometimes couples don’t feel comfortable talking about their relationship openly. One or both of you can be busy or too shy to talk about the problems. In that case, online counseling can be the best option for you.

Regain.us is a platform that can help you with professional-level counseling without going to a therapist. It is an online platform of licensed counselors and therapists that can help you improve your relationship. The website can provide you with couple therapy with complete confidentiality. It’s a cost-effective way to talk about your relationship.


Every relationship has difficulties. There will be conflict, argument, and even fight. A couple of therapy sessions can help you practically resolve these issues. Talking to a therapist may help you both to heal and move forward. Whether you’re planning to stick together or split up, counseling can help you to stay positive.

So, whenever you and your partner are in trouble, reach out for help. Visit a good therapist or find an online counselor. Remember, when you spend money on a therapist, you’re investing in improving your relationship.