It can be a blow to your pride to admit that you no longer hear things as well as you used to. But it can be difficult to make that doctor’s appointment to get a hearing aid.

If you want to spare your pride a little longer, then there is an alternative that can help you along until you’re really ready for one.

Phone amplifiers are great at helping you hear those phone conversations when you feel like staying at home for the day. But you can still miss a few words that make all the difference. So how can a phone amplifier really help you?

1. Can Be Used With Or Without a Hearing Aid

The great thing about a telephone amplifier is that you don’t have to get rid of it when you’re wearing your hearing aid.

Sometimes you want to go without it, but you still want to converse with people. An amplifier gives those with hearing aids for the hard of hearing the flexibility they need to stay in control of their hearing throughout their daily lives.

2. Access to Higher-Pitched Noises

Another great thing about telephone amplifiers is that they make it easier for you to hear sounds in the higher-pitched range so that you’re never missing a single word.

It can be easy in normal conversation to ask someone to repeat themselves, but it can become troublesome when you have to do so over the phone.

Amplifiers eliminate that problem so that your conversation can flow more smoothly.

3. Special Ringers

Telephone amplifiers come equipped with the ability to turn up the volume of the ringer on your phone. Other than a cellphone, landline phones don’t really come with this option.

But having a loud ringer means that you’ll never miss those important phone calls ever again.

In addition to turning up the volume, some amplifiers come with a visual signal, such as a blinking light, to inform you that there is an incoming call.

4. Telecoils

Phone amplifiers come with telecoils, which are the same things you find in your hearing aid. With the flip of a switch, you can hear the sound that’s only coming through the phone, since it blocks any background noise that’s around you.

That definitely makes it easier for you to hear what you want instead of trying to sort through the noise to hear what your phone partner is saying.

5. Added Features

Telephone amplifiers come with a number of other added features to make your life a lot easier, such as extra-large numbers, screens to display called ID, and backlit keypads.

Phone amplifiers are really about making your life as easy as possible so that you can continue to maneuver through life as normal.

Take the necessary steps to ensure that you’re doing all you can to protect your hearing and your health. Swallow your pride and invest in a hearing aid or phone amplifier so that those around you don’t have to miss out on those wonderful conversations with your friends and family.