Vaping has become a popular substitute for smoking for those who find it difficult to quit cigarettes. 

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping doesn’t contain toxic substances. Instead, water vapor enters and exits a person’s lungs when they vape. The device used for vaping is called an e-cigarette or vaporizer.

While vaping is safer than smoking, it’s not entirely safe. Vaping nicotine can be highly addictive, especially for teens. Besides, it can still damage your heart and lungs as research suggests

The good news is, vaping can still be safe if you can do it in the right way. Continue reading to learn some of the tricks to make vaping safer than ever.

How Does Vaporizer Work?

The liquid you inhale from the e-cigarette is usually known as e-juice or vape juice. You can find them in many flavors, with or without nicotine.

The liquid turns into vapor and the person who is smoking an e-cigarette gets the feeling of smoking a regular cigarette. However, users prefer to call it vaping since the substance they inhale isn’t smoke. 

As vaporizers don’t contain 70 toxic elements like cigarettes, they can be a better choice if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to smoking.

The following tips will help you to keep vaping in a safer and healthier way.

Opt for Temperature Control Mode

The high temperature of the vaporizer can be extremely harmful to your health since it releases a lot of formaldehyde. The component can cause severe damage to your health, especially to your nervous system.

Luckily, there’s a way to control the temperature in e-cigarettes, thanks to the improvement in technology.  If you limit the maximum temperature the vaporizer coil can reach, you can easily prevent it from reaching a temperature that can release such harmful chemicals. 

You might be wondering how are you going to understand that your device is rising at a high temperature. It’s quite easy to detect since the taste of the vape gets so bad at high temperatures. 

Make Sure The Nicotine Level is Low

While e-cigarettes don’t contain such harmful chemicals as the traditional ones, they still contain a notorious component called nicotine. 

Although nicotine is considered a safer substitute for tobacco, it can still cause some health issues such as respiratory, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal disorders, and even lower immunity. 

Luckily, vaping has developed enough to have a wide range of options for its users. Some of its e-juice comes with very little to no nicotine. You can also mix multiple juices, thus controlling the nicotine level.

In this way, your body will be less addicted to this component and the withdrawal will be less hard.

Go for High-Quality Vaporizer

Considering the high popularity of vaping, a growing number of companies are now opting for manufacturing e-cigarettes, which has both its good and bad sides.

Although vaporizers have become quite available around the world, you can easily end up having a bad quality one, thanks to those corrupted manufacturers. 

While vaping is a lot safer than smoking, using a low-quality e-cigarette can be proved just the opposite. That’s why it’s crucial that you purchase them from a reputed manufacturer.

Finding a good brand for vaporizers isn’t difficult, especially if they are from developed countries like the USA and Canada. With the help of the internet, you can easily know where to buy vapes online in Canada or other North American countries.

Do Not Dry Burn Your Coils

Some users tend to press fire without inserting vape juice or a wick inserted into the coil to check if the temperature distribution is even. It’s called dry burn and it’s strictly forbidden for the sake of your health.

While there isn’t much research on chemical exposure during dry burning, chances are doing so will expose the metal that can cause serious health damage.

Also, dry burning the coil can increase the temperature in an unusual way, causing severe damage to your lungs. Since doing so isn’t necessary for the correct functioning of the vaporizer, try to avoid this practice.

Stop Excessive Puffing

Creating amazing vapor shapes and circles might look cool but it can cause some health hazards. You may end up puffing too much just to impress the people around you.

Vaping is just a healthier alternative to smoking, so you should use it as you’re having a smoke. The more you puff, the more e-juice is getting inside your body, which is definitely not good for your health.

Remember, no matter how safe vaping is, everything becomes harmful when you abuse them.

Avoid Inhaling When You Vape

It seems to be quite difficult but doing so can reduce your chance of getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

While vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes, scientists are still working on that 5 percent, which could be associated with the juices coming into your lungs as vapor. 

To keep yourself on the safest side, it’s highly suggested that you keep the vapor inside your mouth without inhaling and just let it go slowly. 

The nicotine of the juice will be absorbed through the mucosa of your mouth, meaning that you will get a similar feeling without exposing your lungs to the harmful substances the vapor might have.

Final Thoughts

Anything excessive can make things worse, which is even true for vaping. You’re vaping only because you can’t quit smoking, so opting for a healthier option can just reduce your chance of exposure to harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes have. 

The above-mentioned tips can help make your vaping experience safer and more enjoyable. However, if you’re not into smoking or never had cigarettes, it’s highly suggested that you don’t fall for such fancy things.