Many people struggle with losing fat. For some, it is to maintain their ideal healthy weight. For others, the struggle is to achieve the desired look.

Whatever the reason for wanting to lose weight, it can be difficult choosing the right measurement to achieve that goal.

Losing FatBody Fat

When attempting to achieve health and fitness goals, choosing the proper measurements can be a difficult decision. Some people utilize the BMI, while others use the body fat percentage.

With either method, getting off those difficult fatty areas can seem impossible. Fortunately, a fat-freezing treatment is available to help in these areas.

Even with the right diet and exercise plan, there are some areas of the body where fat can seem persistent. There are treatments that can focus on these problem areas and simply freeze the fat.

When the fat cells are frozen, it destroys them. In a few short weeks, the body will dispose of this fat, leaving a leaner-looking area.

What is BMI?BMI

The most commonly used method of measuring a person’s weight distribution in doctor’s offices in the BMI.

The BMI or body mass index is a method that utilizes a person’s height and weight. The two numbers are used in a formula to create the BMI. The ideal BMI for anyone is 18.5 to 24.9.

Unfortunately, the BMI does not provide individuals with a true look at their overall health or appearance. It is simply a generalized tool for doctors to use to help guide them in finding a healthy area for each patient.


Unfortunately, this method of measurement can miss some individuals when determining their proper weight for health. For example, muscle weighs significantly more than fat.

Bodybuilders or those who are very athletic may have a higher weight, but less body fat. Using simply the BMI for these individuals may show that they are overweight when they are not.

What is Body Fat Percentage?

Body fat percentage takes into consideration the amount of fat a person has. There are many methods for determining a person’s body fat percentage.

There are high-tech scales that can determine body fat percentage. Some individuals use calipers to pinch skin folds to determine body fat percentage. There are even methods for weighing a person underwater.

Whatever the method used, finding a person’s body fat percentage can help them understand the proper portions their body should be and how much fat they have or should have.

Each individual needs a certain amount of fat to keep them healthy and protect vital organs. However, problems can arise when there is too much or too little fat.

Which is More Important?

Although BMI can be beneficial in setting standards for the care of all individuals it can miss a lot of detail when dealing with those who are more fit.

Body fat percentage provides a more detailed look at the overall health and appearance of each individual.

If a person is within the acceptable range of their BMI but feels that their health and appearance are not quite where they should be, the body fat percentage may be a better option for helping them reach their goals.

As with anyone planning to begin a new diet or exercise, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor before beginning. This is especially important for those with health issues.

A doctor can help determine the safety and may even be able to offer advice for getting rid of any stubborn fat or shaping problem areas.