The human brain is a highly complex organ, but some individuals’ health problems disrupt the way the nervous system works. Hence, this causes a need to consult a neurologist.

Neurological conditions vary, and people may deal with any of them at some point in their lives. These conditions can range from headaches to migraines to dementia, epilepsy, stroke, back, and spine-related problems, muscular dystrophies, immune diseases, nerve impingements, and neuromuscular diseases.

The list is long, but for any of these conditions, you require to see the best neurologist in Kolkata.

When it comes to finding the best neurologist in Kolkata, it is very likely that you’d start out with referrals from your family members and friends.

A general neurologist will see an array of neurologic conditions, but when it comes to treating specific medical conditions, you need to consult someone who has extensive medical knowledge and experience.

You can find such experts by browsing websites that are now specifically designed for individuals looking for specialized doctors.

The websites, along with their respective profiles, include their qualifications, years of experience, specialization, fees, and ratings from their patients. This way, you can figure out the best neurologist in Kolkata

However, to narrow down the search so that you can find the perfect fit for your medical ailment, the below-mentioned tips will help you make the right decision.

Check For The Qualification

Neurology is a vast field with several sub-specialties. The kind of medical treatment that you are seeking may need specific consideration.

Hence, it is important that you shortlist the best neurologist in Kolkata and check whether he/she is an expert at curing your medical condition.

Not all neurologists practice neuro as a whole. They have their own specialization; thus, make sure that you pick the right one for your medical condition.

Considering Neurologist’s Experience

If you’re an individual seeking the best neurologist, see his/her years of medical experience with the patient. These matters the most as neurologists with greater experience performing procedures are known to give better results. 

If you need a specific medical procedure, you can ask how many procedures the doctor has performed and figure out the complication rates so that you can get a clear view.

Check The Hospital/Clinic’s Quality

Your doctor’s hospital is where you will be getting your treatment and follows up checkups. For this reason, consider having a hospital/clinic known for offering quality care.  

Hospital quality matters the most because patients at top-rated hospitals witness fewer complications and better survival rates.

The reason is that they have state-of-the-art medical equipment, the nurse and other staff are punctual at work round the clock, and the majority of the established hospitals/clinics have an in-built medical store that gives easy access to get medicines at odd hours.

Also, see the hospital’s location and try to choose the one which is nearer to your residence. As you will require going for follow-up treatment, traveling far off is not feasible all the time. 

Evaluate The Communication Style

Is the neurologist that you have shortlisted honestly communicating with you? This is very crucial to let a patient know the in and out of the medical condition, and what will be the results and complications if there’s a procedure to be performed. When you first meet the neurologist, ask questions, and notice how they respond.  

A doctor has to be transparent when communicating with the patients.

Does your doctor answer all your concerns?

Is he/she suggesting the right procedure?

How soon will you recover? 

Don’t be afraid to clear your concerns if you are confused about the procedure.

Make sure that you understand your diagnosis and treatment, and any further steps that you need to take.

Check Patient Ratings

Reading what other patients think about the doctor you have shortlisted can offer you insight into how a doctor practices, as well as how his or her medical practice is operated. 

Patient satisfaction ratings tell a lot about their experiences while scheduling appointments, wait times, clinic environment, staff friendliness, etc. Y

ou can know about how well patients trust the doctor as well as how much time he or she spends with their patients.

The best neurologist in Kolkata will help you to manage your symptoms and neurological disorder with the help of a primary care physician and other specialists.

Take the time to research the doctors’ experiences on their websites. After you come up with a narrow list, call each neurologist’s clinic and ask for a consultation appointment to meet in person.