Respiratory issues have posed to be a significant problem these days, and the rate of individuals suffering from it is only increasing with each passing day.

However, the Ayurveda world of healthcare has taken over such medical issues, with the availability of Ayurvedic products for respiratory problems.

These ayurvedic products have been derived from regular natural ingredients and by replicating the process of specific home remedies. 

1. Inhale Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil consists of Eucalyptol, which helps to clear the blocked nasal passages by breaking down the mucus.

When the nasal passages get cleared, an individual’s respiratory problem also comes to an end. You need to take a few drops in the napkin or on a towel and put them close to your nose. Keep inhaling the oil till its smell is retained, to experience pleasant breathing.

If you cannot follow the procedure, you can try out the steam method wherein; you can just put a few drops in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam through your nose to clear the respiratory passage.

In case you are allergic to it, you can use the Tussnil Syrup by Kerala Ayurveda to treat such problems. The syrup is rich in Vasa, Karpooravalli, Kasamarda, Yashti, Bharngi, and Sunthi, having a high antioxidant property, which helps to relax the respiratory tract. 

2. Reduce inflammation with gingerGinger

If you are someone who has a specific respiratory problem like asthma, ginger can help. It has high antioxidant properties, which can be used in several forms like dry, raw, or fresh.

The chemical composition present in ginger has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation. Such properties clear the excess mucus and reduce the swelling present within the lungs.

3. Hydrate with waterOxygenated Water Benefits

Keeping your body hydrated with water brings a vast difference to your lungs.

Drinking excess water aims to thin down the mucus secretions that tend to get accumulated in the respiratory pipe of the body.

Once the lung passage gets cleared, you can breathe out smoothly. 

4. Eat soaked figs

If you are trying to deal with some respiratory issues, try eating soaked figs first thing in the morning. It is an effective home remedy and clears out the maximum mucus present in the respiratory passage of the body.

You can soak the dried figs overnight in water and eat them up on an empty stomach the next morning.

Do not dispose of the residual water in which you soaked the figs because it, too, has excellent nutritional benefits. 

5. Breathe well with coffee

The high percentage of caffeine present in the coffee helps in the treatment of blocked respiratory problems.

If you are someone who comes across the problem of breathlessness frequently, consuming at least three cups of coffee a day might help.

Caffeine has a high inflammatory property, which clears the air passage eventually helping in breathing. 

6. Practice some yoga

Certain yoga poses can help to treat problems in the respiratory system. You can either perform the belly breathing technique or can take the help of Buteyko breathing exercises to address such issues.

The belly breathing technique ensures the distribution of air in the lungs and makes the breathing process smooth, while the Buteyko breathing exercise either tends to reduce the breathing rate or breathing volume of the body. 

7. Pursed lip breathing technique

If you are a patient who has asthma or suffers from severe respiratory problems, this specific breathing technique can help to smoothen out the respiratory passage.

The particular method helps to exhale more air out, especially during an asthma attack when air gets trapped in the lungs. 

8. Massage mustard oil

Be it any respiratory problem, mixing mustard oil with some camphor, and massaging it thoroughly can help get rid of the respiratory issues.

Try to rub the oil mixture on the chest, and the warmth generated will help to get quick relief from breathing problems. 

9. Clear your throat with honey

Treating your respiratory disorders with honey is probably one of the oldest natural remedies that exist to date.

The properties blended in the honey help to clear the phlegm residue accumulated in the throat passage, which allows you to breathe better. Try swallowing a spoonful of honey raw, or drink it with warm water, as it aids to control breathing problems.

If you tend to suffer from intense coughing, consuming a spoonful of honey before going to bed can stop the irritation in the chest. 

10. Include onions in the regular diet

Adding onions to your daily diet helps control specific breathing problems. Cutting down some slices of raw red onions, which are packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties can be handy in treating such issues.

As it contains Vitamin C to a certain extent, it can act as an antibiotic against respiratory disorders.