Nag champa essential oil combines Champa flower or Magnolia Champaca and several other ingredients such as sandalwood, cinnamon, black pepper, and Halmaddi.

Nag champa essential oil is considered one of the most sacred for its spiritual uses. Its original formula remains within the Hindu and Buddhist monasteries. But you can find this essential oil in many online stores and shops.

Nag champa essential oil comes with an enticing aroma. However, it has numerous benefits and uses as well. You can use this oil as a stress reliever, skin health booster, and a natural aphrodisiac.

Continue reading to learn some possible benefits, uses, and precautions of nag champa essential oil.Potential-Uses &-Benefits-of-Nag-Champa-Essential-Oil(title-image)

9 Potential Uses & Benefits of Nag Champa Essential Oil

1. Nag Champa Essential Oil Covers Unpleasant Smell.Unpleasant Smell

If you’re an incense lover, you may easily recognize the rich scents of nag champa. The same goes for the essential oil as well.

Using this essential oil, you can make an air freshener and spray it around the house. The smell is so heavy that it will mask the foul odor.

It’s because the oil consists of some other ingredients such as sandalwood. The fantastic aroma of sandalwood can have a positive effect on human psychology. [1]

So, if you want a chemical-free alternative to an air freshener, you can always rely on nag champa essential oil.

2. It is a Stress Reliever.Stress-Reliever

The smell of nag champa oil can help you relax, thanks to sandalwood, one of its ingredients.

In a study published in 2006, it was reported that aromatherapy using sandalwood oil could reduce anxiety and stress levels. [2]

So, it’s not surprising that nag champa essential oil will also have this ability.

The fragrance can create a calming effect on your mind, opening access to deeper meditative states. As a result, the oil is quite popular in many yoga studios, where people must be calm and relaxed.

3. Nag Champa Essential Oil Can Help in Focusing.Focusing

Anxiety, stress, and depression may distract you while you’re doing something that needs attention. Nag champa essential oil can help you to stay focused.

Sandalwood, one of the oil’s key ingredients, has proven benefits in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. It means nag champa oil can also help you to keep calm. [2]

Burn the incense or pour some essential oils into a diffuser. It will help you while you’re meditating, studying, or want to get rid of disturbing thoughts.

4. It Promotes Skin Health.Promotes-Skin-Health

Nag champa oil may treat various skin diseases. It’s because sandalwood, one of its key ingredients, has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-proliferative agents. [3]

Nag champa essential oil may also work as an antiseptic on your skin.

Regular use may improve your skin texture. The oil can also fight acne and rashes.

5. Nag Champa Essential Oil is a Natural Aphrodisiac.

The sandalwood scent noted in nag champa essential oil can evoke a state of arousal in both men and women. [1]

You can use this oil in a diffuser or bath with a nag champa-based soap to stimulate your partner easily.

6. It Can Help in Anti-Tumor Treatment.Anti-Tumor

Sandalwood has cytotoxic effects on the human body. It means nag champa oil also contains the same quality. [4]

Due to this component, nag champa oil may positively affect anti-tumor treatment.

7. Nag Champa Essential Oil Strengthens The Immune System.

It is claimed that nag champa oil can enhance your immunity. Although there’s no such research on it, considering the oil’s ingredients, it’s not surprising.

Due to its numerous therapeutic properties, nag champa oil can reduce inflammation, combats viruses, and speed up the natural healing process.

8. It Repels Insects.

Nag champa oil may indirectly help to keep the bugs and insects away, thanks to its heavy aroma.Repels-Insects

While people love its sweet smell, insects hate it. So, if you’re bothered by the bugs and insects at your home, burn some incense or pour the essential oil into a diffuser.

9. Nag Champa Essential Oil has Sacred Values.

The primary use of this essential oil is in places of religious worship. The lovely smell can have a calming effect on your mind.

The heavy aroma helps the devotees to stay focused on their prayers. Moreover, it creates an aromatic ambiance that matches the environment of such places.

If you don’t have the essential oil, you can burn nag champa incense in your house or religious place.

How to Use Nag Champa Essential Oil

You can use nag champa oil in different ways. Here are some ideas:


Pour some nag champa oil into a diffuser. Let the aroma spread to your house.

Homemade Soap:

If you make homemade soap, add a few drops of nag champa oil. You will get the aroma and benefits of this essential oil every time you take a bath using the soap.

Scented Candles:

Add some nag champa oil while you’re making a homemade candle. The aroma will soothe your mind when you light the candle.

Best Blending Options

You can use nag champa essential oil on its own. But some other essential oils blend well with this oil. These include:

  • Jasmine Oil.
  • Geranium.
  • Ylang Ylang.
  • Patchouli.
  • Sandalwood

Precautions While Using Nag Champa Essential Oil

Nag champa oil has a significant number of benefits because of the ingredients it contains. However, although it’s natural and safe, you must take precautions to avoid any adverse effects:

  • Ensure a proper ventilation system in your house when using nag champa oil in a diffuser or burning incense. Its intense aroma may cause a problem for kids, particularly those with respiratory issues.
  • Be careful when buying nag champa oil-infused soap, perfume, and sticks. Always read the ingredients thoroughly. It’s better to read the user reviews first before purchasing them.
  • Always buy this oil from a reputed supplier. Some unethical dealers may sell you the adulterated version. Also, ensure the oil doesn’t contain chemicals or synthetic dyes.


Nag champa essential oil is popularly used for religious purposes. But it has more benefits to offer. The oil can be a great stress reliever, immunity booster, skincare ingredient, and many more.

If used correctly, you can also avoid its mild side effects. But make sure you buy pure essential oil. It’s better to use essential oil instead of incense due to a safety issue.

There is not enough research on nag champa essential oil. But, this oil contains some ingredients that have proven benefits for human health. As the oil is getting popular, further research is needed to unlock its true potential.

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