The essential oil can be a savior in your life as it can wake you up earlier. 

In the modern days, on top of stress, if you do late nights and go to sleep around 2 to 3 AM, it is natural that you will find it hard to open your eyes early in the morning.

Why apply essential oils? 

You may apply essential oils instead of taking caffeine. Many of us may not prefer caffeine due to its irritation of muscle and nerves. Overdrinking caffeinated beverages may give you a series of restless nights.

Therefore, essential oils can act as an effective aid in making you an early bird.

Be it aromatherapy, be it muscle relaxation, or pain relief, essential oils were prized highly by ancient civilizations like India, China, Greece, etc. 

Let’s know about some essential oils that may help strengthen your wake-up call. 

These Essential Oils shall Help You Wake up Early

1. Peppermint Essential Oilpeppermint oil

The scent of peppermint oil is minty, which can be refreshing and alert at the same time.[1]

Mostly, the reason behind your laziness in the early morning is stress and the tension you carry at the back of your head when you go to sleep.

The smell of peppermint essential oil can instantly clear your head and enable you to jumpstart the day.

Peppermint essential oil can boost your concentration also. [1]

2. Lemon Essential OilLemon Oil

The smell of citrus fruit is always helpful in making your mood spontaneous. [2]

Lemon is one of those beneficial citrus fruits that can sprout your mood instantly.

The sharp and intense scent of lemon is almost equally carried in its essential oil. If you inhale it in the morning when you need to be ready for loads to accomplish, it surely will kick off greatly.  

3. Rosemary Essential OilRosemary Oil

You don’t want to just wake your body and leave your mind behind. The mind lies within the brain and your brain needs ample blood flow to get ready for the day ahead.

Rosemary essential oil contains cineol, which is said to be responsible for inspiring sharper activity in the brain by ensuring its blood flow. [3, 4]

Rosemary essential oil can be inhaled, and mixed with breakfast and your favorite drinks.

4. Juniper Essential Oil

Stress can become negative energy when piled up in your head over the course of daily activities. And this negative energy can slow down your brain function in the morning time.

Juniper essential oil is a well-known substance that is used in aromatherapy to release negative energy and boost mood. [5]

Applying juniper essential oil on your body after a shower, or spreading it within your bedroom by a diffuser could be a good idea to clear off your stress and make you wide awake. 

5. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger not only can spice up your foods but also lift your mood in the early morning.

Ginger contains methyl eugenol, which acts as an antidepressant, according to studies. [6]

If you keep ginger essential oil on your bedside table before going to sleep, it may come in handy when you feel reluctant to open your lazy eyelids early in the morning.

Manage to inhale the sharp smell of ginger essential oil to get you going.

You may keep ginger essential oil with you if you need the mood booster at any time of the day.

6. Basil Essential OilBasil Oil

Many families in the Indian subcontinent keep basil plants in their yards traditionally.

It may not be available in your neighborhood, but acquiring basil essential oil from stores could be a great thing for your morning brain fog.

Sometimes you may wake up with an uncomfortable sore in your head, but you cannot understand why. However, you can ditch this awkward load in your head by rubbing a few drops of basil essential oil on your forehead.

Also, smelling the basil essential oil should give you an excellent lift in focal ability.

7. Cedar Essential OilCedarwood Oil

The release of serotonin hormone in our brain is responsible for our mood-boosting and responsiveness. [7]

Cedar essential oil can do just that.

If you are anxious and feeling unwell in the morning, it may lag you behind in activating your day ahead. Cedar essential oil can remove anxiety from your mind if smelled or diffused in your room.

8. Thyme Essential OilThyme-oil

Your body responds according to its condition, especially in the early morning. A corrupt immunization system in your body may wrap you in the bed for a longer time than necessary.

Thyme essential oil is useful in supporting your immune system and putting your focal power at an alert point. [8, 9]

It could also help in boosting your mood significantly.

9. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oil smells warm rather than tangy if inhaled. It is an excellent essential oil to use as your alarm tool.

Besides relaxing with its warm scent, the cinnamon essential oil will increase blood flow to your brain, which in turn would mobilize your brain activity. 

How to apply these essential oils for waking up 

  • You can take a few drops of essential oil on your palm and smell it.
  • You may apply essential oil on your forehead after diluting with base oil.
  • Some essential oils, such as rosemary, can be eaten in drinks or snacks. 
  • Use essential oil by a diffuser to spread in your room.
  • Peppermint essential oil can be rubbed on waist joints to remove joint pain.
  • You can mix the ginger essential oil with tea and drink it. 

Safety Measures You Should Follow

  • It is always wise to dilute an essential oil with a carrier oil, so it doesn’t irritate your skin.
  • Overuse of essential oil may result in an allergic reaction.
  • It is never good to intake essential oils in excessive amounts; this may cause nausea, dizziness, or indigestion.

When to See a Doctor

You can always go for applying essential oils to many of your ailments, including late wake-up, but you should never ditch your doctor’s attention.

Your doctor can prescribe you a better application and precise measurement of the essential oils in your daily life.

If you are taking any particular medication, the essential oil may interact with them to some degree, which may be risky for your health. So never overlook your doctor’s instructions in this case. 


Your activeness is a much-required quality in your daily life, be it in work, study, or in your daily chores. And when you get yourself active in the earliest part of the day, it boosts your creativity and productivity to a great extent.

If you are looking for ways to spring onto your feet quickly, essential oils can be a way to follow.

Essential oils are nature’s gift that you can treasure in your daily life if applied wisely for food and therapeutic purposes. [1, 10]

You should also keep in mind that more reliable researches are necessary to support their multipurpose claims. So do your own research on them and utilize them smartly.