Couples finding it hard to trust each other is a typical scenario. It can be projected as one of the main reasons behind splitting ups and marriage failures.

Whether it’s a premarital relationship or a married one, trust issues can spoil the zest of a healthy relationship in no time.

A couple of therapists can help you overcome such problems and save your relationship. But one fact you can’t ignore is that no one can keep your relationship afloat if you yourself don’t want it to happen.

It is crucial for you to want your relationship to work out. Only then can a therapist recommend better and refined ways to sort things out between you and your partner.

Reasons Why Couples Lose Trust in Each Other

Followings are the main reasons behind trust issues in couples.

1. Previous Life Experience

People with previous experiences of betrayals and heartbreaks may find it hard to trust a partner wholeheartedly.

A journal published in July 2016 indicated a connection between trauma and mistrust in couples. Previous bad experiences can induce the tendency of doubt and mistrust.

They may face difficulty in trusting their partner’s loyalty and thus fail to appreciate their dedication. [1]

2. Less Communication between Partners

Proper communication is the essence of a successful relationship. You can never overcome trust issues without communicating with your partner properly.

A research journal published in March 2016 stated that the quality of communication between couples greatly affects their relationship satisfaction. [2]

You need to share your every happiness and sorrow with your partner, only then can you feel the warmth and comfort of a relationship. Sharing makes life easier and relationships stronger. Also where there’s no communication gap, trust problems are less likely to happen.

3. Secrecy and Insecurities

Couples often fall prey to secrecy. Secrecy and privacy are two completely different things. When there should be a space in every relationship, being secret about life and stuff with your partner can give birth to insecurities.

A journal published in July 2015 explained the importance of trust in a relationship and how jealousy and anxiety trigger insecurities and trust issues in partners. An insecure person can hardly trust you completely. But it’s not necessarily their fault always. [3]

Another research performed in the year 2013 pointed out that insecurities result in lower marital relationship quality. [4]

If you are too secret about your life and don’t share with your spouse accordingly, he/she can feel unwanted. This may result in deep-seated insecurities and trust issues that can destroy your relationship.

4. Lack of Confidence

Confidence is significant in any relationship. You have to be confident about your partner and the bond that you share.

A journal published in September 2011 explained the connection between lack of confidence and mental health in couples. It can influence instability and create trust issues between partners. [5]

Couples often lose confidence in each other in the long run. It can happen if partners break promises and show less attention to each other’s problems and needs. Lack of confidence results in distrust and can take the relationship on the verge of failure.

Why a Couple Therapy?

A therapist can act as a bridge between you and your partner. It can help to improve the communication style between you two.

To diminish the shadow of distrust in couples, a therapist can propose ways and ideas that can help you to start trusting each other again.

Keep in mind; that trust issues don’t go away in a day or two; it is a long process that requires both attention and dedication. A couple of therapists can make you comfortable to talk about your problems and suggest solutions, but the rest depends on the two of you.

If you feel uncomfortable about meeting a therapist physically, you can take couples counseling from an online counselor. offers you a platform where you can get in touch with compassionate and dedicated therapists who can help you make the right choice for you and your partner.

Bottom Line

It is important for your partner to believe in you, to trust your instincts, and to love with all your flaws. The same goes for you. But when you fail to trust each other, every other pillar breaks down on its own.

Healing is essential to regain trust. A couple of therapists can make the process of healing easier by talking to you in an approach suitable for you. Therefore, if you want your relationship to bloom and get over the trust issues with your partner, you can always consider giving couple therapy a try.

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