As an employer, you have to manage a workplace and a number of employees. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind when you’re managing a labor force. One of the most overlooked of these factors is employee health screening.

Checking on your employees’ health (both physical and mental) is essential to keep your workforce active and productive. [1]

If one of the employees is sick, he/she won’t be able to attend an office or work efficiently, which may cost your company money and make for unhappy employees. That’s why it is crucial to check on their health and wellness regularly.

Continue reading to explore why employee health checks are essential and what you can do to make sure your employees are healthy and happy.

Benefits of Employee Health Screening

1. It Might Be The Only Screening Your Employees Have.

The unfortunate fact is, for most employees, health is not a priority. They have tasks to complete, a family to look after, and no time to focus on their health.

The employee health checkups might be the only time they get a reading for their blood pressure or sugar level.

While this checkup cannot replace their regular doctor, it can at least help them to bring some changes in their lifestyle so that they can avoid any severe issues like heart attack, kidney problems, diabetes, etc.

2. Workplace Health Checks Help Your Employees Find Out About Their Undetected Health Issues.

When your employees have routine health checks, you may pick up some health issues that could remain overlooked otherwise. These include high blood pressure and a high cholesterol level that may lead to a severe heart attack.

Different tests recommended by the doctors will help you to catch certain health conditions. It is possible to ward off some severe health issues when your employees start to take care of them in time.

Besides, it will also help you to figure out when you need a regular doctor evaluation for work-related injuries.

3. Regular Screening Leads to a Healthier Lifestyle.

Workplace health checks help employees to change their lifestyle and quit some bad habits, resulting in health care awareness and preventing the risks of diseases. [2]

For example, if anyone finds out they have high blood sugar, which may lead to diabetes, he/she can quit sugar and start a healthy diet.

Regular screening can also help them to lose weight and quit smoking, which will improve overall staff health. It will lead to fewer absences and increased productivity.

4. You May Have an Increased Employee Retention.

Your employees will appreciate it when you take an interest in their health and wellbeing.

Workload and stress often hamper the health of the employees, causing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. [3]

The employee health checks will promote goodwill among them as they feel more like part of the organization. They will be happier and more motivated to work, and you will get a more loyal and hard-working workforce.

As a result, there will notice an increase in productivity and company revenue. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your employees.

Bottom Line

Your employees are valuable to your company. With sick and unhappy employees, you will have more missed days of work, poor performance, and low productivity.

Hence, it’s your responsibility to check on your employees’ health to keep them motivated and educate them about health issues.

By keeping them happy and productive, you will actually save a lot of money in the long run.

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