Postpartum depression (also referred to as PPD) is a jumble of emotional, physical, and behavioral changes that happen to a woman after giving birth. [3]

The key factors that can lead to postpartum depression in women are:

  • Hormonal change that follows after giving birth.
  • Emotional distress, financial constraint, job change.
  • Lack of strong support from family. [1]

Women with a past of depression and other mental health conditions have a higher risk of PPD.

The level of the female reproductive hormones increases ten times during pregnancy which drops drastically after delivery.  As a result, many new mothers go through postpartum depression.

Clinical tests support the efficacy of essential oils through aromatherapy in relieving postpartum depression. The aroma of EO is carried directly to the brain and may serve as an emotional trigger to reduce depression.  [2]

Read on to learn some effective essential oils for postpartum depression.

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Best Essential Oils for Postpartum Depression Treatment

1. Bergamot OilBergamot-Oil

Bergamot oil comes from the rind or peel of the fruit, bringing an aroma so citrusy yet sweet.

It is cultivated organically for Floracopeia in the southern Italian region of Calabria. [3]
It is one of the great antidepressant oils.

A few drops of Bergamot oil can generate feelings of joy and energy by improving the circulation of your blood. [4]

It can work as a natural remedy for depression. It’s the emotional wellness that bergamot offers which is its greatest blessing for your depressed soul.

When you find yourself in depression, inhale the aroma of bergamot oil. You will surely feel uplifted and relaxed.

2. Lavender OilLavender-Oil

Lavender flowers and their extracts are popular remedies for depression and anxiety for centuries.

Modern research has discovered the main active constituents to be a potent remedy for mental well-being. [5]

Numerous therapeutic compounds of lavender oil include natural analgesic, relaxing and anti-anxiety elements. These components can help get rid of depression fast.

As per several clinical trials, it is proven that inhaling lavender oil aids in lowering anxiety and reducing feelings of frustration.

Lavender oil is often considered the best essential oil for postpartum depression for its ability to address some depression symptoms and a pleasant aroma. [6]

So, when depression is making you feel low; merely get indulged in the aroma of Lavender Oil using a diffuser.

3. Rose OilRose-Oil

The enticing aroma of rose oil has an uplifting psychological effect on your mind, which will make it an effective treatment for depression.

Its therapeutic properties have been shown to induce feelings of calmness, and sedation and help reduce muscle tension.

In laboratory testing, rose essential oil has shown positive results in reducing muscle contractions with its calming effects.

According to a study, aromatherapy using rose oil on postpartum women has shown positive results against depression.  [7]

Its aroma will make your mind relaxed and leave you with a soothing feeling.

Inhale its sweet smell to lighten up your mood.

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4. Chamomile OilChamomile-Oil

New moms sometimes go through depression due to the sudden increase in responsibilities and work stress.

Don’t let depression hack your mind; inhale some chamomile oil to feel refreshed.
Chamomile is one of the great medicinal herbs for combating stress and promoting relaxation.

This is the reason why chamomile is one of the most popular ingredients in candles and other aromatherapy products such as in tea, essential oil form, soap, etc.

According to a study published in 2013 by Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, aromatherapy using Roman chamomile oil can reduce anxiety levels in patients in ICU. [8]

Chamomile heals your emotions and provides you with the relaxation you need.

As per the research from Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Pharmacognosy Review, inhaling chamomile oil is beneficial as a natural remedy for anxiety and general depression. [9]

The smell of chamomile oil will help to lower anxiety and depression while improving your mental well-being.

Let Chamomile oil be your healer when depression seems to suffocate you.

5. Ylang Ylang OilYlang-Ylang-Oil

Ylang Ylang oil originates from the flower petals of the tropical ylang-ylang tree.

The amazingly sweet and floral aroma of this bright flower has great benefits which can enable to curb the negative thoughts related to depression.

Do you know that ylang-ylang is one of the key ingredients used in the famous perfume Chanel No. 5?

A 2006 study stated that the usage of, “ylang-ylang oil in aromatherapy” can help “a relief of depression and stress in humans.”

Ylang ylang essential oil is well known to assist in promoting hormonal balance.
The oil is slightly sedative which can aid to lessen stress levels and promote calmness.

Its naturally rich and floral fragrance is considered “romantic” and uplifting.

Many people prefer to diffuse ylang ylang in their bedrooms to have a calm and relaxing ambiance.

Just apply some drops of this holy oil directly on the wrists, and neck to enhance your mood and reduce painful emotions. [10]

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How to Use Essential Oils for Postpartum Depression

There are several ways you can use essential oils for depression.

Diffuser: Put a diffuser beside your bed and diffuse 8-10 drops of your chosen essential oils while you sleep at night. It will let you sleep better with the aroma of the essential oils.

Massaging: Gently rub 3-4 drops of your preferred essential oil in your palm and bottoms of the feet; it will make you feel relaxed.

When Should Seek Doctor’s Help?

A new mom may experience the symptoms of postpartum depression for 1-2 weeks. If the symptoms persist beyond that period the condition may pose a threat to both the new mom and her baby. You should seek medical attention if you experience the following:

  • Unable to cope and function in everyday situations.
  • Recurring thoughts of harming oneself and the baby.
  • Feeling panicked and anxious all the time.

Bottom Line

It is important that the essential oils you use are 100 percent pure and of good quality.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, consult with your doctor before you start using the essential oils to avoid any health issues.

However, most of the essential oils discussed above are safe home remedies for postpartum depression. Don’t let depression trap you in a maze and steal your joys of life.

Using essential oils can help you deal with your depression and enhance your mood to feel positive again.

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