Cucumber is scientifically known as Cucumis Sativas L, an origin of Cucurbitaceae like watermelon, melon, pumpkins, and squash.

It has been used as a medicine and vegetable since ancient times in India.

Cucumber water is a delicious beverage. It is so tasty that people enjoy this refreshing and healthy drink in their homes often. It is also easy to make and its becoming more popular drink option.

In this article, we will discuss:

  •     Cucumber water health benefits
  •     Cucumber recipes
  •     Advantages and disadvantages of cucumber water

First, let’s look at some of the proven benefits of cucumber water.

12 Health Benefits of Cucumber Water That You Should Know

1. Cucumber Water Keeps Your Body Hydrated

The human body consists of 70% water. Without water, your body can’t run correctly.

According to studies by most physicians, people should drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily.

Everyone knows that we are supposed to drink water throughout the day. But isn’t plain water become boring sometimes?

Cucumber gives it some extra zest, making the water fun and tasty to drink.

Cucumber also has a cooling effect that can help prevent constipation. (2)

This way, you can drink as much as you need to keep your body hydrated.

Cucumber water is an excellent hydration aid to maintain your body temperature. Cucumber water can also aid in expelling toxins out of the body, restoring refreshed feelings.

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2. Cucumber Water Contains Necessary Vitamins and Minerals

Cucumber water contains essential vitamins and minerals that are good for your health. It can be a balanced supplement to your diet.

Mix it with other fruits as well as it is better to include more Vitamin A, B, and C.

Cucumber water contains a lot of Vitamin B and is rich in both potassium and magnesium

3. Cucumber Water Helps to Lose Weight


If you are thinking or are already trying to lose weight, you must change your drinking habit.

Replacing sugary sodas and soft drinks like coca-cola and Pepsi with cucumber water can quickly help you cut extra calories to lose weight.

Cucumber water is low in calories and fiber, making it an excellent combination for your diet during weight loss.

An average size cucumber contains only 45 calories with skin and 34 without skin.

And again, if you make the beverage with the entire cucumber, it would still cover less than 50 calories. Cucumber water will fill you up and aid you to feel more satisfied.

Did you ever notice?

Sometimes we feel hungry when we’re just thirsty. This is because your body gets confused between the feeling of thirst and hunger.

To solve this problem, drink a tall glass of cucumber water. After drinking, if you don’t feel hungry, then you are thirsty.

This way, cucumber water removes your hunger and keeps you from taking extra calories.

4. Cucumber Water Fights Against Cancer

Essential Oils for Cancer

According to research, cucumber water may aid in preventing cancer. Together with antioxidants, cucumbers also have mixtures, namely cucurbitacins, and a resource of nutrients, namely lignans, which can fight against cancer in the human body.

As per a study by Cancer Research, cucumber may help to prevent cancer. It reduces the risk of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers.

5. Keeps Blood Pressure in Control

Most people suffer from a widespread disease called high blood pressure. High blood pressure may cause stroke and heart disease.

But if you can keep your blood pressure under control and at an average level, it might keep you away from the risk of stroke and heart disease.

The reason behind high blood pressure is having more salt and less potassium in your diet. The extra salt in your diet causes your body to retain fluids, which increases blood pressure.

6. Healthy and Smooth Skin

Drinking this healthy and refreshing water can help your skin to remain smooth and soft. In addition, you are remaining hydrated aids your body in scrubbing down toxins and upholding beautiful skin.

Cucumber includes a cleansing activity inside the body by removing amassed pockets of old waste materials and chemical poisons. (3)

Cucumber water contains high pantothenic acid, nutrients called silica, vitamin B-5, etc. It is known that silica, a type of nutrient, keeps the skin healthy.

Fresh organic juice can be used to sustain the skin. It gives a relieving impact on skin, aggravations and diminishes swelling. Cucumber also can unwind and lighten the sunburn’s torment.

7. It Improves Your Bone Health

Cucumbers contain much vitamin K, which helps your body with proteins necessary to originate healthy bones and tissues and aid your blood influence properly.

If you can get vitamin K in cucumber water, then why would you need to search for this from anywhere else?

Add cucumber to water, drink it and get vitamin K to boost your bone health.

8. Contains Antioxidants


Antioxidants are stuff that aid in preventing and protecting cell damage from oxidative stress. The following chronic situations may be conducted due to oxidative stress: Cancer, Heart disease, Eye degeneration, Diabetes, etc.

According to the result, it is clear that Antioxidants may be able to inverse or break this damage. That’s why your body needs antioxidants.

Cucumbers are high in antioxidants. Cucumbers are also high in Beta-carotene, Manganese, Molybdenum, Vitamin C, and Several flavonoid antioxidants.

9. Cucumber has Detoxifying Properties

Detoxing helps your body scrub out build-up toxins. Toxins are poisonous substances; it is a simply harmful thing to your body.

Detoxing can prevent toxic build-up in your body. Regularly drinking cucumber water is supposed to be an excellent way to daily detox and help prevent the build-up of toxins.

10. Cucumber Water Aids Muscles

Cucumber water will be an excellent choice if you start a workout, train at the gym, or do challenging exercises. As per research, cucumber contains silica that keeps your skin healthy and is also known to aid the mending of muscle tissues.

11. Helps to Remove Stress

Vitamin B, B1, B5, and B7 are the fight against anxiety and stress. Cucumbers contain these vitamins.

Cucumber contains an anti-inflammatory flavonol known as fisetin. It keeps your brain’s health cured.

12. Gives You Fresh Breath


The rancid smell in your mouth is the bacteria inside it. But if you place a cucumber slice on the surface of your mouth, you can be rescued from the bad smell causing bacteria. This is because cucumber water fights against bad breath.

Cucumber Water Recipes


We know that cucumber water is delicious, but some recipes use cucumber itself and are very tasty. You can tap into all the benefits of cucumber by combining it with other ingredients.

You can add some fruits like lemons, strawberries, blueberries, and floras together with cucumber to make some beautiful artisan and delicious combinations.

The following are some of the recipes that you may like.

Lemon, Cucumber, and Mint Water

This combination is mostly used as a daily detox recipe. A mixture of lemon, cucumber, and mint is so refreshing. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and mint contains plenty of calcium and magnesium.

Mint is also rich in antioxidants and mitigates allergies. Mint has also been used for hundred years to help inverted stomach and indigestion.

Cucumber Herb-Infused Water

This recipe includes three various herbs to build a refreshing flavor. Add rosemary, mint, and thyme together with cucumber to your water.

Rosemary contains iron, calcium, and vitamin C that one needs for a whole day. And mint is rich in calcium and magnesium.

Thyme is unique oil called thymol. It fights against bacteria and is used to medicate acne and other skin problems, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

Springtime Strawberry & Cucumber Water

This recipe adds lemon, strawberries, cucumber, and different herbs. Strawberry contains vitamin C and vitamin B and is also rich in antioxidants. Strawberries also have potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin K, which are suitable for bone health.

How to Make Cucumber Water?

  1. Cut a clean scrape cucumber into 1/2 inch.
  2. Mix cucumber cuts in water and some sort of ice.
  3. Allow marinating for no less than 60 minutes. (For best outcomes, let it marinate overnight in the icebox.)
  4. The cucumber cuts will coast, so it’s critical to top them with ice to keep them submerged.
  5. To abstain from using ice, take a stab at buying an organic product mixed water pitcher that holds the cucumber cuts in a mixing chamber.

Side Effects of Cucumber Water

Asides from having lots of health benefits of cucumber water, excessive amounts of fluid from cucumbers can build the danger of liquid misfortune, and this can bring about unevenness in the body.

A lot of vitamin C can advance the development of free radicals, which can hurt our body cells.

Under specific conditions, an excessive amount of potassium can hurt our kidneys. The fiber can cause intestinal gas, swelling, and stomach spasms.

Overabundant utilization of cucumbers can have an exceptionally destructive impact on our body because extreme water admission can build the aggregate volume of blood in our body.

These cucumbers are exceedingly lethal, and it is wiser to maintain a strategic distance from them under all conditions.

Similarly, we ought to abstain from drinking cucumber squeeze that tastes sharp because such squeeze is very defenseless to this harmful compound.