Dogs are our best friends. Your dog will love and protect you till its end. Do what is best for your dog. Gas In dogs is as healthy as it is in humans. There is nothing wrong with gas. Your dog will compensate for it with a lot of love. [1]

Our intestinal tract and colon fill with gas. It happens when bacteria break down food. It’s quite healthy. The stink in the fart comes from Hydrogen sulfide. Excessive flatulence is usually diet related. Other reasons could be swallowing a lot of air or eating quickly. [2]

If you notice excessive gas that smells bad, it can be a sign of complex disease. Consult a vet to make sure that your dog is healthy. On the other hand, your dog might be healthy and is still farting a lot.

There are ways in which you can make your dog’s gas less smelly. There are many home remedies for dog gas at your disposal. You can use ginger, yogurt, peppermint oil, charcoal, or other cures.

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  • The Causes of Gas in Dogs
  • 11 Safe Home Remedies For Dog Gas
  • Precautions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Causes of Gas in Dogs

  • Gas occurs because of things that your dog eats. Therefore, your dog’s current diet may cause your dog gas.
  • A sudden change in the dog’s diet can be a reason for gas.
  • Eating Rotten food can lead to gas.
  • Food allergies can be a reason for your dog’s gas. If this is the case, then make sure to change your diet.
  • Intestinal parasites lead to gas. [3]
  • Gastrointestinal problems resulting from food poisoning or stress can cause gas in dogs.
  • Food that your dog has a hard time digesting leads to gas.
  • Sometimes uncooked food can bring about gas.
  • Fatty foods lead to gas.
  • Swallowing excess air leads to gas.
  • Eating large portions of food intact can be the reason for gas. Therefore, it is better to eat smaller-sized pieces of food.
  • Not eating for extended lengths of time can lead to gas.
  • Compulsive eating is a reason for dog gas. [4]
  • Dog gas can be a sign of respiratory disease. If this is the case, then you should go to a veterinarian.
  • Eating right after exercising can result in gas. It’s best to treat your dog half an hour after exercise sessions.
  •  Spicy food leads to gas. So even though your dog will miss spice, it has to be cut out from its diet.
  • The food additive is a cause of gas in your dog.
  •  Milk and dairy products will make your dog gassy. Some dogs are lactose intolerant. Try to keep your dog away from dairy products.
  • Diets that consist of fermentable fibers lead to gas. Some such threads include lactulose, oat bran, and psyllium.
  • Soybeans lead to gas. Keep it out of your dog’s diet.
  • Peas and beans cause gas.11-Best-Home-Remedies-for-Excessive-Gas-in-Dogs(title-image)

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11 Safe Natural Remedies for Bad Gas in Dogs

 1. Don’t Feed Your Dog Table Scrapsdog-table-scraps

with your family, a lot goes to waste. Your dog loves eating the table scraps. You will see your children feed your dog what they don’t want to eat. Your dog will hover around the table, hoping for someone to drop something.

Table scraps can be very harmful to your dog. In addition, there are foods that your dog should not be eating. For example, some fruits and vegetables cause illness in your dog.

Raisins, grapes, garlic, onions, and avocado are some items that should stay out of your dog’s reach. Even tiny portions can lead to toxic reactions. Other foods you should keep away from your dog include macadamia nuts and chewing gum. (5)

2. Parsleyparsley

Parsley is typically a treatment for people. It gives them fresh smelling breath. You will find parsley in posh restaurants. This refreshing herb is perfect for your dog’s gas condition. The herbs, leaves, seeds, and roots are all used for medicine (6)

Add two tablespoons of chopped-up parsley into your dog’s food. You can also use good-quality essential oil parsley. Drops into your dog’s food and water bowl will do the job. Your dog will have less smelly gas with the help of parsley.

3. GingerGinger

Ginger is a favorite ingredient in food. It helps with digestive problems like diarrhea. Ginger can also be beneficial to your dog. Ginger stimulates the dog’s digestive process positively by speeding up gastric expulsion.

You can give your dog some ginger. It’s comfortable and practical. It will decrease bad-smelling gas. Ginger for dogs is good for nausea, bloating, cancer, arthritis, and heartworms. (7)

4. EnzymeEnzyme

Enzymes are essential for your dog’s digestion. They help break down food into tiny absorbable bits. The absorption of food increases, making the most of food. The pancreas produces these enzymes. They take a trip to the small intestine, where they work on a diet. (8)

If your dog is not producing enough proteins, he will have digestion problems leading to gas. However, some foods contain the needed proteins. Some food items with natural enzymes are papaya, melon, bee pollen, coconut water, and raw honey.

Add some of these foods to your dog’s diet regularly. Your dog should recover from excessive flatulence. You can also find enzyme formulas in dietary supplements.

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5. YogurtYogurt-for-dog

Yogurt is a very cheap and effective solution to dog gas. Remember that this home remedy is not for your dog if your dog is allergic to dairy products. If your dog is okay with yogurt, then feed some to the dog.

Yogurt has helpful bacteria in it that will do your dog good. These bacteria are known as probiotics. They help in the digestive tract. Yogurt can be very good for curing common digestive problems. You will find that yogurt cures gas and bloating. Probiotic therapy is becoming popular among vets. (9)

6. Peppermint OilPeppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint has proven itself to fight irritable bowel syndrome in humans. It works on dogs too. Peppermint oil is not toxic to dogs. It can be a helpful agent in reducing excess gas. (10)

The other home remedies for dog gas needed no preparation, but this one does. Making it at home is effortless.

You need filtered water and some fresh peppermint leaves. Steam the peppermint leaves in the filtered water for a while. The water is what you add to the pet’s food and water.

It is okay if you don’t want to make it at home. You can buy peppermint essential oil from the store. A few drops of it in your dog’s food every day should lead to results.

7. Recheck Health History

Remember everything you can about your dog’s diet and medical history. You might find the reason for your dog’s excessive gas in the past. But, on the other hand, your pet’s gas may cause a medical condition or a change in diet.

If it is diet-related, make some changes and see if it works out. If it is because of a medical condition, it might be a good idea to go and see the veterinarian.

8. Dog Poop

An excellent way to check if there is something wrong with your dog is to check his poop. Poop can reveal many things like intestinal parasites, inflammation, and lack of mucus. Gas may be related to runny poop or constipation. (11)

9. Cut Out Dairy

Too much dairy can lead to gas. If your canine is eating a lot of dairy products like butter, milk, and cheese, it will lead to gas. Don’t let your dog have too many milk-based products.

Enzymes called lactase help digest milk products. Your dog’s body produces it. It runs out with age. As a result, your dog gets gassy. (12)

There is no need to eliminate dairy products from your dog’s diet unless it is lactose intolerant or old. If your dog is lactose intolerant, then dairy will cause a lot of suffering, and it is best to cut it out from the dog’s diet.

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10. Filter DietFilter Diet

Drop everything from your dog’s diet besides the highest quality dog food you find. You can try different dog foods for a few weeks each to see which is best. Then, when you find the right match, stick to it.

Your dog will make you feel evil when you are not sharing people’s food with it. Do not break down or give in. You have to be firm with your decision. Do not feed your pet anything other than pet food in reasonable proportions.

Don’t feed your dog too much dog food either, as overeating can lead to gas also. Fixed portions in a scheduled manner equal to good discipline for your dog. The diet should lead to less gas in the long run. (13)

11. Charcoal

Add charcoal to your dog’s food. It helps to release the gas that is in your dog’s intestines. It is suitable for food poisoning too. Charcoal absorbs toxins in your stomach that cause gas. Make sure that you give your dog only a bit of charcoal. Too much charcoal can harm the animal as it depletes vitamins and minerals. (13)

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Precautions Are Gas a Problem?

One important precaution is that you must remember that dogs are naturally gassy, just like regular human beings. Likewise, your dog is likely naturally gassy. Sometimes when dogs get old, they fart a lot.

Make sure that you are pursuing a real problem and not everyday gas. It is wise to take action if something is wrong with your dog. You should look to the home remedies for dog gas only when your dog is displaying excessive or oddly smelly gas.

2. Keep Your Dog Out of The Trash

Don’t let your dog eat from the trash. The trash is a source of all sorts of germs that have the potential to inflict harm. In addition, rotten food leads to bad gas. You should clean your trash regularly instead of collecting it after long intervals. The cleaner your dog is, the safer it is.

3. Going To the Veterinarian

If you have tried most of our home remedies for dog gas, but none of them work, you might want to go and visit the veterinarian. Abnormal gas may be a symptom of many possible diseases. Get your dog checked out.

Gas is a sign of Inflammatory bowel disease, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, tumors, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal parasites, enteritis, or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. These are real diseases that your dog might be suffering from, so do not shy away from professional help. (14)

4. Regular Walking

Walking your dog is an excellent idea. However, it does not cure gas. Instead, walking leads to the expulsion of gas. This means your dog will be gas-free at home after coming from the walk. Regular walking is good for the dog and you, so make it a habit.

5. Picking The Best Home Remedies for Dog Gas

We have given you ten home remedies for dog gas. You must try them out and see which one is the best one for your dog. Try each treatment for a month or two. Compare the remedies to know which is the most suitable for your dog. Then, stick to the best solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can you give a dog who has gas?

Answer: As mentioned in this article, give your dog some charcoal, yogurt, peppermint oil, ginger, or parsley. You can also ask your vet to provide some supplements.

Question: What can I give my dog for gas pain?

Answer: If your dog has pain in its stomach due to excess gas, then you can give some antacid. Crush it up, then sneak it into your dog’s food. Hopefully, it will provide some relief to your dog.

Question: Is yogurt for dog gas a good idea?

Answer: Yogurt is very handy when dealing with dog gas. You should not give your god yogurt if it is allergic to dairy products. Some dogs are lactose intolerant. If your dog is okay with dairy products, yogurt can reduce smelly gas.

Question: What are the most important dog gas symptoms?

Answer: The symptoms of unusual flatulence include bloating and distress. Your dog will be expelling excess amounts of gas. This article should give you the solution to the problem at hand.

Question: How to massage gas out of the dogs?

Answer: you can give your dog a message when you see that its gas problem is causing it distress. You should massage the back and belly. Stretch out the limbs, moving them outwards and then inwards.

Be a gentle person with your dog. Then, repeat the process for fifteen minutes, and hopefully, your dog will release some gas and feel better.

Question: Is store dog good, and What is the best dog food to prevent gas?

Answer:  pick the best dog food from the store. There might be a few options. Try each out for a month. See which one gives your dog the least gas. Stick to that one.

Ensure that the dog food you purchase does not contain beans, soybeans, dairy products, peas, or corn. Always feed your dog food that is within the expiration date. [15]

Bottom Line

Your dog is a vital creature in this world. Just like you, your dog has intelligence and the capacity to love. I am sure that you will enjoy your dog. You will always do the best that you can for your dog.

I am sure that your love will see beyond your dog’s gas. However, the point is not to eliminate your dog’s gas because that would be inhumane.

You have the power to make the gas less smelly using home remedies or supplements from the vet. In addition, exercise, discipline, good food, and cleanliness can do wonders for a dog’s health.

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