There is only one thing more beneficial to health than drinking regular water- drinking oxygenated water!

Oxygenated water, as the name suggests, contains more oxygen than regular water. It comes with a lot of health benefits that help one to stay hydrated and healthy for longer.

Over the years a lot of research suggests that the extra oxygen in the water can help our bodily functions to improve massively. Today we discuss the top 7 health benefits of oxygenated water among many.

In this article you get to know:

  • What is Oxygenated water?
  • 7 Health Benefits of Oxygenated Water

What is Oxygenated Water?

Oxygenated water is water that is exposed to high levels of oxygen under extreme pressure. The oxygen is artificially injected. Various oxygenated water brands have different levels of oxygen in the water.

Regarding the health benefits of oxygenated water, supermarkets not only stock bottles of oxygenated water but oxygenated water machines. Oxygenated water is also known as “hydrogenated water”.

Oxygenated water claims to improve the physiology as well as circulation of oxygen all over the body. However, there is still issue of how much of the extra oxygen is absorbed by the human body. [1]

A lot of oxygenated water reviews show that there are health benefits to drinking the water.

7 Health Benefits of Oxygenated Water

1. Boosts Energy Levels

Boosts Energy Level

Oxygen is essential in human system to save people from feeling fatigue. When there is the proper transport of oxygen throughout the body, all bodily functions operate more efficiently.

When there the blood transport level is at a healthy range, the brains and muscles gain oxygen easily. As a result, stamina increases. It also helps to boost alertness.

Oxygen also helps to boost metabolism which helps release energy faster. Therefore, oxygenated water is a great way to get rid of tiredness in the long run.

2. Improves DigestionDigestion

Oxygenated water plays a huge role in improving the digestive and kidney functions.

Acid reflux is one of the most common digestive health issues. Oxygenated water helps maintain pH levels. When lactic acid increases in the body system, there is a massive drop in oxygen range. Therefore, drinking oxygenated water helps restore the pH level. [2]

Similarly, consuming wrong food can lead to acidity. Oxygenated water’s ability to restore pH comes in handy in those moments as well.

Proper circulation also means that the entire digestive system is more productive and digests food in a simpler and faster way without the risk of indigestion.

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3. Improves Immunity SystemImmunity

The human body works best in an oxygen-friendly environment. Oxygenated water helps the immune system reach its best version by creating such conditions. [3]

When there is plenty of oxygen, good bacteria thrive in that place. Therefore, it helps fight off infections and make the immunity system strong.

Oxygenated water also helps prevent the growth of bad bacteria and pathogens. Harmful bacteria die in an oxygen-rich environment. So by eliminating these bacteria, oxygenated water strengthens the immunity system.

4. Anti-AgingAnti-Aging

An abundance of oxygen supply can ensure a healthy body and glowing skin.

Proper blood transport means that the skin is well nourished and looks flawless. It ensures relief from diseases like indigestion, fatigue, and constipation. All of which can cause hormonal issues that lead to skin issues.

Oxygenated water also improves the absorption of minerals and nutrient for wonderful health. Therefore, it not only maintains existing functions but allows nutrient and minerals to make it perfect.

The water not only makes absorption of nutrients easier but also the absorption of the medication. So the body can heal fast.

Oxygenated water decreases muscle burn hugely making them sustainable for longer.

5. Increases Athletic Abilities

Athletics who opt for oxygenated water instead of regular drinking water claim that they experience ease of breathing during the process.

When exercising, the muscles and tissues need more oxygen to work properly. Drinking oxygenated water helps increase the oxygen content in the muscles. [4]

Lactic acid is also produced in the body that makes muscles ache, causing them to become more fatigue and hurt. The recovery time increases as well. Oxygenated water helps heal the muscle burn due to a physical workout. [5]

Drinking oxygenated water neutralizes the acid. Therefore, muscles take less time to recover and have more stamina than when drinking normal water.

Oxygenated water also regulates body temperatures that are very crucial when doing high strain exercise.

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6. Cures Respiratory DisordersRespiratory Complaints

Oxygenated water helps treat anaerobic respiration. It also improves aerobic respiration.

Oxygen helps the cell health to get better by cleansing it with oxygen. Healthy cells, in turn, absorb more oxygen.

When there is proper circulation of oxygen in the body, the lungs can take in more oxygen. Therefore, patients who suffer from breathing problems or asthma can significantly benefit from drinking oxygenated water.

Oxygenated water reviews show that patients who have asbestosis, a chronic disease of the lungs causing breathing issues, experience an overall sense of well-being after drinking oxygenated water.

Some severe patients who suffer from chronic bronchitis and emphysema tried inhaling oxygenated water through the nebulizer. This helped with reducing inflammation of the chest and patients were able to breathe much more efficiently.

7. Anti-Cancer

Oxygenated water combats cancer in a lot of ways.

Toxic cells have higher chances of developing in an environment that has less oxygen. If these cells already exist then lack of oxygen makes it multiply faster.

Drinking oxygenated water creates an oxygen-rich environment that prevents the growth of these cancerous cells.

The proper supply of oxygen helps flush out toxins from the system. These include cancer-causing elements. [6]

Oxygen purifies the blood. Hence malignant cells have lower chances of surviving in the pure oxygen condition and reduces the risk of cancer.

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Drinking the right amount of water is just the best decision to get perfect health. The health benefits of oxygenated water indeed make it very lucrative to try it out regularly.

Many people swear by the changes they have felt in their health by drinking oxygenated water. So even though there is still scope for more scientific proof, there is undoubted some goodness to this fantastic discovery.

Have you tried drinking oxygenated water? Share your experience in the comments below!

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