How would you like to gain health points with every sip of tea you drink?

For tea lovers out there or people who are planning to try out a different variety of tea, this article is definitely for you.

The benefits of drinking tea are no longer unknown. Most people already know the benefits of green tea, chamomile tea, oolong tea, and many more.

However, there is a unique tea with fantastic health benefits and uses that you will love.

Chasteberry tea has a wide range of health benefits. It focuses on a lot of health aspects that ensures you a healthy life.

Today you get to know some incredible facts about this wonderful tea:

  • What is Chasteberry Tea?
  • 7 Chasteberry Tea Benefits & Uses for Healthy Living
  • How to Make Chasteberry tea?

What is Chasteberry Tea?

The Chasteberry tree is famous for its healing abilities since the ancient times. It was famous among monks to suppress sexual desires. It was also known for its ability to improve women’s reproduction health.

Chasteberry is scientifically termed as Vitux Agnes-castus. The fruit of this tree is full of potent enzymes that help boost estrogen. It also contains antioxidants. [1]

The composition of chasteberry helps to balance hormones in the body that is particularly important for women.

7 Health Benefits & Uses of Chasteberry Tea

Chasteberry tea has amazing health benefits if consumed in reasonable proportions. However, chasteberry tea has side effects for women on hormonal contraceptives. Also, it is better to know for sure if you are allergic to chasteberry before trying it out. [2]

A lot of people wonder where to get Chasteberry tea. Luckily, the health benefits of Chasteberry tea are gaining it more popularity and a lot of supermarkets are stacking up on it!

The benefits of chasteberry tea show a remarkable result on overall well-being. Some of the incredible health benefits of Chasteberry tea are listed below:

1. Promotes FertilityFertility

Chasteberry improves reproductive health in a lot of ways which improves chances of pregnancy.

The tea contains chemicals that are like estrogen in nature. Proper estrogen level is extremely necessary for fertility. [3]

Progesterone is a hormone that is necessary for a healthy womb. Regular consumption of chasteberry tea helps to increase progesterone levels in women. [4]

A study showed that after regular consumption of chasteberry tea, 33 women who participated in the research became pregnant.

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2. Rich in Antioxidants

Chasteberry tea is full of antioxidants. Your body needs antioxidants to clear out toxins and harmful radicals. [5]

Radicals inside the human body can cause many diseases that include cancer, premature cell decay, and so much more.

Antioxidants help improve the entire circulation system which is vital for controlling blood pressure, heart diseases, and anemia.

3. Controls PMS symptoms

Chasteberry tea works excellent with balancing the effects of hormones. This property comes into use during PMS. [6]

Women suffer from both physical and mental unease during PMS. Chasteberry helps soothe both of these symptoms.

Breast tenderness, agitation, headaches, and nausea are all common characteristics of Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms.  Drinking chasteberry tea helps reduce all of these challenges.

4. Acne TreatmentAcne

Chasteberry tea has been a popular skincare remedy for centuries. The tea cures acne and helps skin glow in many ways.

Chasteberry tea has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to reduce the inflammation caused by acne and heals scarring.

The tea also has an abundance of antioxidants that are important for healthy and glowing skin.

A lot of times skin problems are due to hormonal imbalance. The acne caused by hormonal issues are usually hard to get rid of and recurrent.

Since Chasteberry tea works great with balancing hormones, it reduces acne due to hormonal imbalance. [7]

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5. Anti-Cancer Properties

Chasteberry tea has anti-carcinogenic properties. [8]

The tea has the potential to destroy cancerous tumors. Chasteberry tea kills malignant cells at the very beginning of its lifecycle. Therefore, it prevents these cells to multiply and reduces the risk of cancer.

Chateberry tea works particularly well for reducing cancer risks of colon, breast, and ovary cancer.

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6. Promotes Breast Milk Production

Chasteberry tea helps to increase breast milk production.

It helps the body to secrete a hormone called prolactin. Prolactin is one of the hormones that are responsible for breast milk regulation. [9]

Nursing mothers can drink small amounts of chasteberry tea to help increase breast milk levels.

7. Calms Epileptic Seizures

Chasteberry tea has anti-epileptic properties. The tea reduces not only the frequency of seizures but the intensity of the seizures as well.

A study showed that a reasonable amount of dosage was able to reduce epilepsy in male rats. With a higher level of consumption of chasteberry tea, the epileptic seizures were able to decrease more. [10]

How to Make Chasteberry Tea?

Chasteberry tea has been gaining popularity for its benefits recently, and some stores like Walmart do keep it in stock.

However, you can always make Chasteberry tea at home! All you need is some fresh chasteberries. To make the tea taste even better, you can add some other ingredients like cinnamon or anise to it.

Chasteberry Tea Recipe


  • Ground a tablespoon of chasteberries
  • Boil 3-4 cups of water in a saucepan
  • Pour the hot water over the crushed chasteberries in a pot
  • Let the mixture sit for about 8-10 minutes
  • Add cinnamon, ginger, star anise, or any other preferred flavor (optional)
  • You can drink the tea hot or cold acciording to your preference.


Chasteberry tea has been a proven herbal remedy since the ancient times. The world is rediscovering the numerous benefits that this unique ingredient has to offer.

It only takes one little change to make the life you lead healthier than ever. So if you are a tea lover, including this new tea is a bonus for you!

Have you ever tried Chasteberry tea? Did you notice any changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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