Sebaceous cysts are lumps containing waste substances. [1

They are mostly harmless and not painful. But there’s always the risk of the cyst getting infected. [2]

A cyst may appear When a duct underneath the skin gets blocked with such substances. You may have sebaceous cysts on your back, neck, face, and even on your head. [3]

Some essential oils for sebaceous cysts can help you to get rid of this condition or at least reduce the symptoms. These oils have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects against different skin disorders.

This article looks into some effective essential oils that you may use to reduce the symptoms of sebaceous cysts.

Top Essential Oils for Sebaceous Cysts

1. German Chamomile Essential OilChamomile Essential Oil

German chamomile essential oil is quite famous for inflammatory skin conditions. For instance:  allergies, eczema, boils, and cysts. [5]

You can get relief from sebaceous cysts using German chamomile essential oil. The oil is anti-inflammatory and gives a soothing effect to your skin.

The oil penetrates the deep layers of your skin and promotes the healing of the cyst.

How to use German chamomile oil to treat sebaceous cysts:

Mix two drops of German chamomile oil with a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply over the cyst.

2. Tea Tree Essential Oiltea-tree-oil-for-lipoma

Tea tree oil comes from the Tea tree or Melaleuca Alternifolia plant. The oil is effective in treating many skin problems. [6]

Tea tree oil may be a good option for treating sebaceous cysts as well. The oil has great anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Both adults and children may use tea tree oil safely.

An easy method of using tea tree essential oil for sebaceous cysts:

Mix a few drops of tea tree essential oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil and apply to your cyst. Cover the area with a band-aid and repeat the process daily.

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3. Lavender Essential OilLavender

Lavender oil is one of the safest essential oils.

It has a calming effect that can soothe any inflammation or irritation of the skin. [7]

The oil is versatile and is applicable for both adults and children of any age.

Lavender oil has antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It may help to treat sebaceous cysts. [8]

An easy way to use lavender essential oil for cysts:

Dilute a few drops of lavender oil with coconut or jojoba oil and apply to your cyst.

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4. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot oil is effective in curing many skin conditions. Such as eczema, acne, and skin discoloration.

It has strong anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. It may be a good option for treating sebaceous cysts. [9]

The oil can provide relief to your affected skin and protect it from infections.

Learn how you may use bergamot essential oil for sebaceous cysts:

Dilute a few drops of bergamot essential oil with a tablespoon and apply to your cyst.

Bergamot essential oil is photosensitive. Thus, you can’t apply this before going under direct sunlight. The best option is to apply the oil during the night before going to sleep.

5. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is very gentle to the skin. The oil has great healing properties that can cure wounds [10]. 

Frankincense essential oil is a strong astringent that protects your skin cells. In its proper application, it can make your cysts shrink in size and thus heal it faster.

How to use frankincense oil for sebaceous cysts:

Put one drop of frankincense essential oil over your cyst. Repeat every day to treat a sebaceous cyst naturally.

6. Grapefruit Essential Oilgrapefruit-essential-oil

Grapefruit essential oil is gaining popularity in curing cysts these days.

The oil can melt any fatty elements. Sebaceous cysts contain pus and fatty substances. By melting the fats, grapefruit essential oil can reduce the size of the cyst. [11]

Also, its antimicrobial properties may protect your skin from painful infections.

How to use grapefruit essential oil for cysts:

The best way of using this oil is to put one drop of it straight on your cyst. But consult a doctor first if you are on any medication.

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Other Natural Oils for Cysts

7. Castor Oil

Castor oil comes from the seeds or beans of castor plants (Ricinus communis L.

This vegetable oil is an important ingredient in producing coatings, soaps, and lubricants. [12]

Castor plants are rich in phytochemicals such as flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, etc. These important constituents have antioxidant, antiasthmatic, anti-ulcer, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects. [13]

Castor oil is non-edible. You should avoid ingesting it. Doing so may prove to be toxic.

However, a topical application of the oil in the recommended dosage may treat bacterial skin infections such as acne, cysts, etc.

How to use castor oil for sebaceous cysts:

Apply 1 drop of castor oil to the cysts. Regular use may reduce the appearance of cysts.

Note: Castor oil may only treat bacterial cysts. You should always prefer using 100% organic castor oil for cysts treatment.

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8. Coconut Oilcoconut-oi

Coconut oil is a popular natural ingredient for skin and hair care.

The oil contains medium-chain fatty acids.

The important constituents of the oil are capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid.

Among these components, lauric acid has the most inhibitory effects against bacterial infection. [14]

A recent study confirms the efficacy of virgin coconut oil in treating skin inflammations. The oil works as an emollient to the dry and irritated skin as well. [15]

How to use coconut oil for sebaceous cysts:

You can apply a few drops of coconut oil to the cysts. Leave it on the skin. Coconut oil doesn’t pose any side effects.

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Useful Tips and Warnings

  • Never skip the step of dilution while using potent essential oils for cysts. [Except for the ones instructed for direct application]
  • Don’t put too much oil on your skin as it will be a mess.
  • Emotional stability is very important for any health issue. Do things that make you happy and opt for mental satisfaction.
  • If you have allergic reactions to using any of the above essential oils, refrain from using them.
  • If you are on medicines, talk to your doctor before the application of essential oils to double-check.
  • Maintain good hygiene and drink lots of water.


Sebaceous cysts are not harmful. You may treat them to a great extent with the help of some essential oils. [2]

You need to consult a doctor if your cyst catches a secondary infection. Or if it becomes painful and irritating.

All the natural oils described here have shown antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects in various research.

These oils may reduce skin inflammation, inhibit bacterial infection, and soothe irritated skin.

You need to follow the recommended dosage and procedure while using essential oils for sebaceous cysts.

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