Have you ever used essential oils for skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation? These natural ingredients are always a good choice when dealing with skin conditions. They refer to the change in pigmentation. [1]

The key player here is a substance called melanin.

Melanin is a class of pigment responsible for the colors of our eyes, hair, and skin.

Skin discoloration occurs when the production rate of melanin changes. [2]

Some essential oils have potent skin regenerating properties. Researchers claim that these essential oils may treat discolored skin patches on your body. [3] [4]

Here we have a list of essential oils for skin discoloration. There are enough scientific data to support the efficacy of these natural remedies for pigmentation disorder.

Types Of Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration can be of many types. The most common types are:

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11 Essential Oils for Skin Discoloration (Evidence Based)

Following are some essential oils that are beneficial for your skin to a great extent. In addition, it is capable of treating your discolored skin.

1. Lemon Essential OilLemon-oil

The lemon essential oil may be beneficial for your discolored skin.

It is rich in limonene, which may even improve skin tone [5]. Moreover, the bleaching agents of lemon essential oil are perfect for hyperpigmentation.

How to use lemon essential oil for skin lightening:

Mix four to five drops of lemon essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil or your night cream. Apply this blend to your affected area.

Note: Apply this oil only at night because lemon essential oil is photosensitive.

2. Tamanu OilTamanu-oil

Tamanu oil originates from the fruits of Calophyllum inophyllum or Tamanu plants.

This therapeutic oil is famous for skin and hair care in Southeast Asian and Polynesian countries.

Traditionally the oil is used for various skin conditions such as healing wounds, skin inflammations, etc.

The bioactive components in tamanu oil, namely neoflavonoids, have skin rejuvenating effects.

Researchers have experimented with the efficacy of tamanu oil on human skin cells. Tamanu oil has exerted collagen-producing and wound healing activities. [15]

A topical application of tamanu oil may treat skin discoloration.

How to use tamanu oil for hyperpigmentation:

Combine 2-3 drops of tamanu oil with a tablespoon of argan oil. Apply the solution to the discolored skin patches regularly.

3. Frankincense Essential Oilfrankincense-essential-oil

Frankincense essential oil contains strong healing properties. It may be quite effective for reducing scars and dark spots. [6]

It may brighten your dull skin and replenishes life to it.

How to use frankincense oil for pigmentation disorder:

Mix a few drops of frankincense oil with a healthy carrier oil and apply to the discolored skin areas.

4. Rose Essential OilRose-Essential-Oil

This aromatic oil is like a medicine for the mind.

Apart from that, rose essential oil benefits the skin in many aspects. [7]

Its rejuvenating properties may reduce blemishes and promote the healing of damaged skin.

It can deal with uneven skin tone. It may also treat many other skin conditions like acne, eczema, and pimples.

How to use argan and rose essential oils for dark spots on the skin:

Mix a few drops of rose essential oil with two tablespoons of argan oil and apply to the skin.

5. Sandalwood Essential Oilsandalwood-oil

Sandalwood essential oil has been popular since ancient times.

The oil has many beauty benefits. It may regulate pigmentation and even our skin tone. [8] It may also soften your skin and removes any scars or dark spots

How to use sandalwood oil for skin pigmentation:

Mix five drops of sandalwood essential oil with a tablespoon of argan oil and apply.

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6. Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot seed essential oil may be one of the best oils for hyperpigmentation.

The oil is rich in beta-carotene, which controls the production of melanin. [9] It may be effective for treating dark spots on the skin and melasma.

How to use carrot seed oil for hyperpigmentation:

Apply a few drops of carrot seed oil mixed with any carrier oil.

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7. Geranium Essential Oil

The geranium essential oil may be beneficial for both body and mind.

The oil has a calming effect that may soothe the skin. The oil may reduce blemishes and dark spots on the skin. So the oil may be effective for treating hyperpigmentation. [10]

How to use geranium oil for dark spots and hyperpigmentation:

Make a blend of two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and five to six drops of geranium essential oil. Apply this mixture all over your uneven skin before going to sleep.

8. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil is famous for its potent anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil is most suitable for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. [11] You may also use this oil to reduce your dark scars or blemishes.

How to use chamomile oil for scars and discolored skin:

Mix 5 drops of chamomile and lavender essential oil, each with 2 tablespoons of shea butter. Apply this mixture to fix your skin discoloration.

9. Lavender Essential OilLavender-Essential-Oil

The lavender essential oil has a soothing effect on the skin.

The oil may prove beneficial for calming down sensitive skin and reducing irritation. Lavender oil may reduce scars and blemishes on the skin and promote the healing of damaged skin. [12]

How to use lavender oil for skin discoloration:

The lavender essential oil works incredibly well in a blend with other essential oils. For example, you can mix it with chamomile, eucalyptus oil, and any healthy carrier oil and apply it to your skin.

10. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot or sweet lemon essential oil is quite beneficial for the skin.

The oil contains astringent, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. It may protect the skin from germs and pollutants while encouraging the generation of healthy skin cells [13]. It may also regulate the distribution of melanin throughout the skin evenly.

Home remedy for skin discoloration using bergamot oil:

Like lemon essential oil, you must apply bergamot essential oil only at night. The best way is to apply it before going to sleep.

11. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is rich in healing properties that promote faster healing of the damaged skin.

The oil has it contributes to treating sunburned skin. It may also be an excellent option to treat discoloration of your skin. [14]

How to use eucalyptus oil for discolored skin:

A blend of two tablespoons of jojoba oil with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil is all you need to apply to the discolored skin patches

Tips and Precautions

  • Try to buy 100% essential oils from stores or shops that you can fully trust.
  • Store the bottle of essential oil in a dry and cool place that doesn’t have direct sunlight.
  • Never use an essential oil undiluted. Dilution is a crucial step, especially if you have hyperpigmentation.
  • Don’t go under direct sunlight and use sunscreen always.
  • Maintain good hygiene and drink an ample amount of water.
  • Avoid using any of the mentioned oils if you are allergic to them.
  • Do a patch test on a small area before direct application.
  • Avoid using essential oils during pregnancy.
  • If you have severe hyperpigmented skin, consult a doctor first.

When to See a Doctor

There are many reasons for getting discolored skin. It can be a birthmark, pigmentation disorder, or some skin condition.

In case you notice a new discolored skin patch on the skin that won’t go away, consult a doctor. A doctor may diagnose your discolored skin patch via skin biopsy, blood test, etc.

It is necessary to examine the discolored skin patch’s size, texture, color, and shape. Moreover, your doctor may investigate your past medical history and any other related symptoms with the discolored patches.

If the essential oils for skin discoloration don’t result, go to a doctor for proper treatment.

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