Hirsutism is a common condition in women. It results in excessive or unwanted hair growth on a woman’s body, face, arms, chest, or back. [1]

The hair’s texture makes hirsutism different from the typical hair on a woman’s body and face. [2] The hair is usually very fine and light-colored. It may be coarse and dark as well.

The growth pattern of hirsutism has a relationship with virilization. [3] Women with hirsutism have some characteristics associated with male hormones.[4]

This disease isn’t dangerous. But, the hormonal imbalance can compromise a woman’s health. [4]

There are some essential oils that you can use to remove your unwanted body hair. Some medical literature affirms the efficacy of these oils in treating hirsutism.

This article takes a look at the causes of unwanted hair growth in women. It also reviews some effective essential oils for natural hirsutism treatment.7-Essential-Oils-for-Hair-Removal-on-Face-or-Hirsutism(title-image)

Why Do Women Grow Unwanted Hair?

A lot of women develop excessive body or facial hair. Because they have higher than an average level of androgens, including testosterone. [5] Every woman’s body produces androgens, but their levels of them remain low.

Some specific medical conditions can cause women to produce too many androgens. As a result, they get male-pattern hair growth. They even get other male characteristics, such as getting a deep voice. [6]

Here are some reasons why a woman may get unwanted or excessive hair growth:

7 Essential Oils for Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

1. Tea Tree Oiltea-tree-oil-for-lipoma

We get tea tree oil from the leaves of the tree Melaleuca alternifolia. This essential oil has antiseptic properties. People use it to prevent and treat infections. For generations, people have used tea tree oil to treat fungal infections.

A study conducted in 2013 examined the efficacy of tea tree and lavender oil in treating mild idiopathic hirsutism (IH). A group of young women suffering from this condition topically applied tea tree and lavender oil for a period of 3 months to stop facial hair growth.

The result should be a significant reduction in hair growth. The researchers conclude that tea tree and lavender oils are economical, safe, and effective home remedies for hirsutism or facial hair growth. [10]

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2. Lavender OilLavender-oil

The lavender essential oil has many health benefits. It can eliminate nervous tension, disinfect the scalp, enhance blood circulation, relieve pain, and treat respiratory problems. Lavender’s Latin name is Lavare, which means “to wash.”

This oil has a particularly pleasant aroma. Even the Bible considered it among the aromatics used for anointing and healing.

For generations, the lavender essential oil has been treating migraines, stress, anxiety, and depression. Lavender oil has versatile properties and this oil is gentle enough to apply to the skin. [12]

Lavender oil is an effective and practical remedy for treating hirsutism, claims a 2013 study. [10]

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3. Spearmint Essential OilSpearmint Essential Oil

Spearmint oil comes from the leaves and flowers of spearmint or Mentha spicata plants. The oil has a mild mint and fruity scent.

Spearmint oil is a home remedy for headaches, pains, stress, insomnia, nausea, fever, asthma, etc.

Some of the major therapeutic constituents of spearmint oil are Limonene, Methone, Carvone, Cineole, etc.

A recent study has discovered that these medicinal compounds of spearmint oil have antiandrogenic effects. Experts state that spearmint oil and the herb can alleviate hirsutism, PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome, and menstrual cramps or pain. [16]

Other Potential Essential Oils for Hirsutism

Attention: We don’t have strong research evidence to confirm the effectiveness of the following essential oils in hirsutism treatment.

4. Grapefruit Essential Oilgrapefruit-essential-oil

Grapefruit oil comes from the peel of grapefruit or Citrus paradisi fruit. The oil has a rejuvenating scent that can lift up your mood.

Grapefruit oil has many therapeutic benefits. In aromatherapy, grapefruit oil is a popular remedy for acne, eczema, fatigue, depression, headache, seasickness, etc. [15]

The oil is said to be effective in removing facial hair or hirsutism.

5. Chamomile OilChamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile oil gives women smooth, healthy skin and relieves some irritations. This oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Chamomile oil is a great remedy for wounds, ulcers, eczema, gout, burns, skin irritations, bruises, and canker sores. It can also treat cracked nipples, ear and eye infections, chickenpox, poison ivy, and diaper rash. [11]

6. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense can strengthen the skin and improve skin tone and elasticity. It can also defend against bacteria, blemishes, and appearance when someone ages.

It can help tone and lift skin, reduce any appearance of scars or acne, and heals wounds.

This oil can also fade stretch marks, surgery scars, and pregnancy-related marks. Frankincense oil may work for healing dry or cracked skin. [12]

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7. Lemongrass Oillemongrass-essential-oil

Lemongrass oil has antiseptic properties. The properties of this oil make it a good application for any external or internal wounds. It is also a useful ingredient in commercial antiseptic lotions and some creams.

Lemongrass oil contains antiseptic properties. These properties do not let any external or internal wounds become septic. [13]

Home Remedies with Essential Oils For Hair Removal

Some natural ways to reduce facial and body hair are with essential oils. These natural methods won’t give the immediate results that regular methods do. Some of these remedies need many applications before the results start showing.

So, you can continue with medical treatments if needed. These essential oil remedies for hirsutism are only complementary treatment options.

1. Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oil

A study has found lavender and tea tree oil to be useful for reducing mild cases of hirsutism. In this study, the researchers sprayed lavender oil on the unwanted hair growth areas straight in one group of women.

Another group of women received a placebo. The results of the study showed a significant reduction in hair growth in the oil group. [14]

Learn how you may use lavender and tea tree oil for hirsutism:

To prepare this remedy, you will need 1 teaspoon of lavender oil and 4-6 drops of tea tree oil. Mix about 1 teaspoon of lavender and 4-6 drops of tea tree oil. Apply them to the affected areas 2-3 times per day. This remedy may take a couple of months to start showing results.

2. Essential Oil Hair Removal Cream

The chemicals in the after-shave cream may be very harmful to the skin. An excellent alternative to that is using essential oils instead of an after-shave cream.

How to make essential oil after-shave cream for hair removal on the face:

You will need 1 cup shea butter, 1 cup coconut oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of tea tree oil, 5 drops of chamomile oil, a hand mixer, a bowl, and an 8 oz amber glass jar. Add the shea butter and the coconut oil into a bowl, then add the essential oils. Whip the ingredients until they become a creamy mixture using a hand mixer. Mix for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Use it as an after-shave cream for the skin. Apply a liberal amount on the shaven skin. This cream soothes razor burn and helps ward off ingrown hair.

3. Essential Oil Shaving Gel

Essential oils work great as a shaving gel as they have antibacterial properties. They work as an antiseptic cream.

An easy recipe for making shaving gel with essential oil:

You will need 1 cup of natural aloe vera gel, 100-12 drops of tea tree oil, 8-10 drops of chamomile oil, 4-5 drops of frankincense oil, and 4 oz amber glass container.

Add natural aloe vera gel into an amber glass container. Stir in tea tree, chamomile oil, and frankincense essential oils. Use a popsicle stick to stir. Dip the fingers in the gel, and smooth the cooling ingredients over the skin to shave.

4. Essential Oil Face-Mask

Lemon essential oil is very popular for its multipurpose use. For example, it works wonders as a honey mask.

Learn how to make a face mask with essential oil to remove facial hair:

You will need 1 tablespoon of honey, ½ tablespoon of oatmeal, and 1 drop of lemon essential oil. Take the honey to a bowl. Add oatmeal to it. Stir to make a paste. Use it as a mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. This mask helps get rid of facial hair.7-Essential-Oils-for-Hair-Removal-on-Face-or-Hirsutism

Conventional Medications Vs. Essential Oil for Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing are both methods that are only temporary solutions for hair removal. Because shaving removes hair only above the surface of the skin.

Unwanted hair can again return within a matter of hours. A common alternative to shaving is waxing. However, it can be painful and costly.

It produces a result that lasts longer than a close shave does. But it does not reduce the regrowth of hair for a significantly more extended period.

Waxing rips individual hairs and leaves the follicles themselves intact. Then, these follicles will again begin to produce new hair within a few days or weeks. Unfortunately, these shaving and waxing methods have some ugly and uncomfortable side effects.

They can cause the following side effects:

  • Itchy skin
  • Follicle infections (folliculitis)
  • Temporary redness
  • Ingrown Hair
  • Nicks
  • Red bumps

Side effects like these affect women’s minds. So, their downsides generally outweigh the lower cost of shaving or waxing. Essential oils work as antibacterial agents. They can soothe skin, calm sensitive and red skin, disinfect after shaving, etc.

When to See a Doctor

You may remove unwanted facial hair using essential oils. But if you suffer from some hormonal imbalance, you need to see a doctor.

You may have unwanted facial hair due to male hormones in the body. It can cause tumors, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or adrenal gland disorders. You must consult a doctor and seek for proper treatment. Excess growth of hair on the face or other parts of the body can cause embarrassment. It affects the confidence of women.

These essential oils for hair removal have fewer side effects than traditional treatments. Therefore, many experts recommend using these oils as supplement treatments for hirsutism.

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