10 Best Essential Oils for Bone Healing & How to Use Them

Arthritis and Osteoporosis are common problems when people grow older. Some oils made up of natural supplements can help you to heal the aches and pains associated with broken joints and bones.

Essential oils for bone healing can help with healing and pain relief.

Our Bones are the framework upon which other organs and tissue depend for coordination. Bones are water, calcium, and collagen. It needs proper blood and oxygen supply to metabolize nutrients.

Collagen fibers are durable and give the bone their tensile strength. When you grow older, tissue and tendons grow slowly. Bones may break down due to extreme external pressure and tension. [1]

In This Article You Will Find:

  • Nature of broken bone problems
  • Benefits of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils for broken bones:
  • Precautions
  • Frequently asked questions

Nature of Broken Bones

Bone fractures are mainly four types of which includes closed, open, displaced and non-displaced. There is a specific treatment for each of them.

In extreme cases, you must consult with a doctor. Besides this, you can find different aid to speed up the healing process. Essential oils for broken bones are natural and effective. [2]

The causes of a broken bone can be any of the following:

  • Improper balance due to falling down
  • Disease like osteoporosis
  • External tension (accident, sports)
  • Age
  • Lack of calcium and vitamin D

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Benefits of Essential Oils for Bone Health

The listed oils support complex relaying that occurs all over the nervous system. They have regenerative properties. Essential oils are soothing and can address the causes of the acute and chronic conditions. It also helps neurons transmit and receive messages.

It is not possible to heal completely. Broken bones benefit from the regular use of essential oils. A broken bone may take a very long time to recover. The thicker the lesion is, the longer it takes to gain full strength. Use essential oils for broken bones and get well faster. [3]

Essential oils can:

  • Relieve the local swelling and inflammation
  • Warm up the injured area
  • Help to repair the tissue around the bone fractures
  • Give relief to painful areas
  • Improve the blood flow in the affected area
  • Cause the shrinking of blood vessels
  • Inhibit bone resorption

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Essential Oil Remedies for Broken Bones

1. Peppermint Oil

You can use peppermint oil to diminish the heat and swelling as well as to eliminate the likelihood of inflammation. Peppermint is rich in nutrients and minerals. It also has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. It is among the most common essential oils for bone healing.


  • Ten  drops of peppermint oil
  • Coconut or jojoba oil
  • Ten drops of Eucalyptus oil


  • Mix some coconut or jojoba oil with ten drops of peppermint oil, then massage the mixture on the painful area.
  • You can combine ten drops of peppermint and eucalyptus oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil before applying the combination to the broken bone area. [4]

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has relaxation properties which can relieve stress and anxiety. Bone pain is intolerable in an anxious state fueled by strain. Lavender alleviates naturally.


Three to five drops of lavender oil

Half teaspoon of coconut oil


  • You need to combine three to five drops of lavender oil and a half teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • Use your fingertips to rub in the solution onto the affected area every day, or instead, you can use cotton buds. [5]

3. Ginger Oil

Ginger is an ideal essential oil for broken bones. It is indeed a beneficial natural antioxidant out there. It can improve the digestive system, reduce inflammation,  heal an infectious area and also kills bacteria.

Ginger oil can improve circulation to help you ease the pain when bones get hurt. Ginger oil is essential to reduce menstrual cramps. It can also fight the joint and muscles pain due to excessive exercise and broken bones.


  • Few drops of ginger oil
  • Mix with a carrier oil


  • Rub few drops of essential ginger oil to the skin spot where your bone got broken.
  • For better results, combine it with a carrier oil and use the mixture twice a day. [6]

4. Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen has a lot of medical purposes. It is extremely popular with the people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, and pain in bones.

It has a pain calming properties as it contains a chemical acting like aspirin. So it can relieve muscle pains well.

Wintergreen has no difficulty to penetrate through the skin into the muscle tissues before promoting circulation of blood. It also increases the quality of sleep and reduces stress. Essential oils for bone healing come with many labels and can be confusing. This one is a good one that you can trust.


  • 3-4 drops of Wintergreen oil
  • 1-2 tablespoon of any of the carrier oils


  • Mix the wintergreen oil with some other essential oils and herbs listed in this article.
  • The user inhales the mixture to cut the pain.
  • This oil is also applicable to the skin.
  • Make sure that you dilute wintergreen oil with some carrier oils and other essential oils before applying to the infected area. [7]

5. Nettle Oil

Calcium, magnesium and other minerals are needed for our bones to be healthy and flexible. You can not ignore nettle oil because it is an excellent source of calcium.

Nettle leaves are utilized to treat arthritis and other bone issues for thousands of years. They are rich in calcium, magnesium, silicon, and boron. These are all required material for flexibility in bone tissue.


  • Nettle oil
  • A carrier oil like peppermint


  • Mix a few drops of nettle oil with a few drops of carrier oil.
  • For example, peppermint. Massage the mixture on the affected area gently. Do it every day.
  • You can also mix nettle oil with your soap and use it during your shower time to ease the pain.
  • Never apply essential oils for bone healing on cuts or exposed flesh. (8)

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6. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile reduces pain and swelling in joints, tendons, and muscles. It promotes relaxation. You can use the oil or make chamomile tea. You will find it to be handy throughout your life.



  • You need to mix five drops of chamomile oil with three drops of jojoba oil or peppermint oil and then massage the mixture gently on the affected area to reduce the pain.
  • You can also add them in a warm water tank and dip the injury for a few minutes. (9)

7. Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage is helpful in healing cramps, back pain, headaches and muscle stiffness.

This oil has a positive effect on rashes or inflamed skin. Broken bones are served well with this oil. Clary Sage can improve the circulatory system leading to faster healing of bones.


  • 5 drops of Clary Sage
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil


  • You can add few drops of Clary Sage to your soap, cream or perfume. You can also get it via inhalation.
  • For better effect, you can dilute five drops of Clary Sage oil with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • Message the mixture on the affected area. [10]

8. Juniper Berry Oil

Juniper Berry oil has a remarkable effect of improving the immune system. It is ideal for detoxification. It boosts your body’s capacity to deal with injury.

 Juniper speeds up recovery, and eliminate possible contamination on the wound. It is also great for supporting gout, joint inflammation, arthritis and muscle fatigue.

Essential oils for bone healing do not cure entirely, but they are a great help in the healing process.


  • Dilute juniper Berry
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil


  • Use a moisturizer with this oil before applying it on your skin.
  • Use dilute juniper berry oil and coconut oil in equal ratio. You can replace coconut oil with jojoba oil.
  • Massage the mixture of oils onto targeted spots. Daily repetition will yield results.
  • For muscular pain and irritation, you can mix it with some other oil and Epsom salt, then dilute the mixture in your bath. You can also inhale it in nasal before bedtime for better sleep. [11]

9. Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum oil can reduce muscle pain, swelling, inflammation as well as blood circulation.

This oil can be used to treat hemorrhoid, prevent cancer, detoxify and cure candida. Athletes find it handy as an excellent massage oil. It aids in healing bone-related injuries.



  • Mix some drops of helichrysum oil with a few drops of lavender oil and honey.
  • Apply the mixture to the broken area.
  • You can also message one or two drops on your neck and forehead to release pain and stress. Always avoid rubbing directly on an open wound. [12]

10. Marjoram Oil

Marjoram oil improves your mood when you suffer from the fracture. This oil relieves pain and swelling caused by broken bones. It contains anti-inflammatory substances. Marjoram oil can treat muscle spasms and tightness. Tension relief is its trademark trait.



  • You should mix some dilute marjoram with olive oil.
  • Massage the muscle area. It suitable for cooking, so you can add it to your soup or salad to improve taste.
  • If you enjoy herbal scents and smells, you can diffuse into the atmosphere of your room.
  • The oil is a component of aromatherapy. Many essential oils for bone healing help with broken bones but this one indeed serves the soul. [13]

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  • Don’t apply oils on an open wound as there is a chance of infection. If you do accidentally get some on a fresh injury, then clean it carefully.
  • Avoid essential oils that invoke allergy. Your body might not handle some of the oils on this article. Stop treatment and pick a new essential oil to use.
  • Always check with the doctor first. It is fine if you want to treat your bone with essential oils but still base the decision upon professional advice. There is a chance that oils won’t do the trick if you are in need of pharmaceutical medication.
  • Follow the directions carefully. There is no need for over usage.
  • Do not use to much force while working. Take it easy especially at an older age. You bones are fragile while they are healing. You should not force yourself during the healing process. It will only make things worse.
  • Keep wounds clean. If you have exposed flesh, you should always keep it clean. Infection is a real concern.
  • Rest is brilliant medicine. There is no alternative to resting. Your bones will heal faster during sleep and rest.
  • Eat well to stay healthy. You must get your regular dosage of nutrients. If your immunity falls then essential oils will not be much help to you.
  • Find a way to increase the intake of calcium in your diet. Calcium strengthens bones preventing further possibilities of injury.
  • Be careful while mixing oils. Make sure that it is an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: What are the best essential oils for bone regeneration?

Answer: There are a lot of oils that are good for bone regeneration. Some of them include Basil, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Geranium, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender, and Clove.

Question: What is an excellent essential oil recipe for broken bones?

Answer: Here is a good recipe that you can use. Take six drops of thyme oil, six drops of Sage oil and 30ml of Arnica oil. Mix well and apply them on the painful area. Repeat the treatment three times a day.

Question: What are bone fracture healing foods?

Answer: When you have fractured bones particular foods are recommended that assist in the healing process. Some of them are meat, milk, fish, Cheese, Yogurt, nuts, etc.

Question: What are ideal bone fracture healing supplements?

Answer: Two powerful supplements for healing bone fractures are Vitamin D and Magnesium Supplements.

Question: What are the useful tips for faster fracture healing?

Answer: Some good advice regarding faster fracture healing include, buying a used bone stimulator, crutches, and a shower chair. Also, pick up small things from the ground so that you do not fall. Always keep a close friend or someone who lives close to you on speed dial.

Question: How do you heal broken bones faster with natural medicine?

Answer: Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, and Green Superfood powder are good natural medicine for broken bones. Also, vibration therapy increases the natural healing process.

Question: How to heal bones faster after surgery?

Answer: If you recently had surgery the best idea is to eat well to heal faster. You should increase the amount of protein and vitamin c in your diet.

Question: How to heal broken bones in days?

Answer: The healing process depends on a lot of factors. The wound itself, your immunity, your age, your workload and your diet are all factors that determine the healing time.

The best idea is to eat well, rest well, and take your doctors advice on what medicine to take. Ask him if you can use essential oils for relief and faster healing.

Bottom Line

Broken Bones are hard work. You have to be patient above all. You should eat healthily and rest as much as you can. There are a lot of options for fast healing and pain relief that in this article.

Essential oils for bone healing work well. The ideal oil differs from person to person so try them out and see which suits you. Consult a doctor before using essential oils.

When a person has broken bones, he or she needs a lot of support. It is handy to have someone around to help you out with everyday activities.

Always keep your health a priority!

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