Rosewood essential oil comes from the famous rosewood tree. The rosewood tree originates from Brazil. Rosewood is one of the most coveted woods in the entire world.

The oil originates from the distillation of the sappy material of the wood.

The oil has a smoky and woody note to it that made rosewood oil scent very popular in the perfume industry. [1]

Recent scientific experiments have found numerous medicinal benefits of rosewood oil. 

Some of the therapeutic components of rosewood essential oil are listed below:

  • Myrcene- It is responsible for controlling inflammation, is a natural painkiller, and has anti-mutagenic properties. [2]
  • Alpha-terpineol- It is essential for a healthy heart. The compound also controls anxiety. [3]
  • Neral- Necessary for improving overall body function. [4]
  • Camphene- Source of antioxidants. It also manages stress and controls hypertension, blood pressure, and many more diseases. [5]
  • Linalool Oxide- It has anti-inflammatory, anti-analgesic, and anti-epileptic properties. [6]

This article reviews some evidence-supported benefits and uses of rosewood essential oil.

7 Rosewood Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

1. Rosewood Oil is a Natural Painkiller

Rosewood essential oil has analgesic properties. This makes it a perfect solution to stop you from suffering from pain. [7]

The oil helps cure pain caused by a lot of diseases like arthritis, muscle pain, and even headaches.

Rosewood oil also helps to prevent pain from toothaches. It shows excellent results with pains that result from bacteria or infection. Therefore it also relieves pain from flu, sore throats, sinus, mumps, and measles.

The strong painkillers that are available at the pharmacy have strong side effects. It is extremely harmful if you consume these medications regularly.

So if you want to go a more natural way to cure pain, then rosewood essential oil is a good option.

2. Rosewood Oil May Boost Memory

Rosewood essential oil may help improve cognitive function.

Cognitive function is the process by which our brain performs tasks. It is related to memory and concentration as well as other mental processes. That is why a proper cognitive function is crucial to curing neurotic disorders. [8]

Rosewood oil helps us to remember things better and as well as gain focus. It does so by improving the overall response of our brain.

The oil also has sedative properties. So massaging a bit on your temples can ensure you a sound sleep.

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3. Rosewood Oil May Reduce DepressionAnxiety and Depression

Rosewood oil has two compounds that make it such a potent remedy for depression.
Alpha-terpineol is present in rosewood oil. It causes a sedative effect.

Therefore it is perfect for calming nerves down. This helps with anxiety-related depression. It also induces sleep and relieves stress.

Camphene also helps as a mood lifter. It not only relieves depression but helps cure other unsettled feelings.

Studies show that linalool has the potential to cure depression and reduce hypertension. [9]

The rosewood essential oil scent is known to induce feelings of positivity in its users. So it is a perfect choice in case you are having a rough day at work or school.

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4. Rosewood Oil is an Aphrodisiac

Rosewood essential oil not only enhances positive feelings but is also a natural aphrodisiac.

The aroma of rosewood oil can induce feelings of arousal. The number of people that experience a decline in their sex lives is on the rise. Work stress, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle habits are all contributing factors in this case. [10]

Inhaling or massaging a few drops of rosewood oil can prove to be truly helpful in such cases.

5. Rosewood Oil Can Stimulate Bodily Functions

Rosewood oil has a lot of compounds that are necessary for a healthy body.

Most of the compounds in rosewood oil such as Myrcene, alpha-terpineol, and camphene have anti-inflammatory properties. [11]

Rosewood oil also helps improve cardiovascular health by relieving stress and curing inflammation of blood vessels.

The oil helps stimulate organ functions. Therefore, it also boosts metabolism and prevents fatigue.

Rosewood oil also helps with the hormone secretion process, the production of useful enzymes, and improving blood circulation.

6. Rosewood Oil has Antiseptic Properties

Rosewood oil contains strong antiseptic properties. It has many elements in its composition that possess antibacterial functions. [12]

The anti-septic aspect of rosewood oil is so efficient that you can use it like any other ointment. You can take a few drops of the oil and apply it to any cuts, bruises, or even insect bites to heal them fast.

Infections can make any wound ten times worse. The best part of applying rosewood oil is that stops the affected area from getting infected.

7. Rosewood Oil Is Good for Skin CareSkin Glow

 Rosewood oil helps the skin in a lot of different ways.

The antibacterial properties make rosewood oil fight acne exceptionally well. It also helps the scars that come with acne to disappear.

Rosewood oil is fantastic for making your skin glow. It removes the dead skin cells and helps the skin to shine and feel silky soft. [13]

The anti-aging characteristics of rosewood oil make your skin wrinkle-free. It removes dark spots that make the skin look old and dull.

The oil helps improve blood circulation which makes rosewood so great for hair and skincare.

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Essential oils have become the favorites of many people for a lot of reasons.

Most essential oils are natural remedies for a variety of diseases. They are also mood enhancers and help with controlling stress and anxiety.

Some people also use essential oil for better focus and concentration.

Rosewood essential oil comes with its unique aroma and a lot of benefits and uses. So go ahead and give it a try. 

It is advisable that you consult an expert regarding the dosage and application method of rosewood oil. Diluting essential oil before using is the best practice to avoid any kind of skin rash or allergic reactions.

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