Galbanum essential oil comes from the resin of the galbanum plant through steam distillation. It’s a clear oil with a thin consistency. [1]

Galbanum resin is used for making medicine, and flavoring foods or drinks.

Galbanum essential oil has an entire history to tell. The great Hippocrates, the father of ancient medicine, loved the oil. He used the oil in his various healing recipes for its medicinal benefits.

Even the Bible in the book of Exodus (30:34-35) mentions the benefits and uses of galbanum oil.

The ancient Egyptians had great use of galbanum oil. They used it for incense and embalming. Galbanum oil smells like balsam, fruity or floral. You can use galbanum oil for fragrance and skin purposes. [2]

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25 Research-Based Health Benefits And Uses Of Galbanum Oil

According to Lawless (1992), you can use galbanum oil as a cicatrizant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic (skin), analgesic, antispasmodic (respiratory system), and as a skin toner. [3]

Let us take a brief look at them.

1. Galbanum Oil is an Anti-inflammatory

The most popular use of galbanum essential oil is as an anti-inflammatory agent. [4]This ability makes it a favorable helper in almost all diseases. Researchers are conducting a long-term investigation on it.

One study said this oil has got many potentials for the growth of anti-inflammatory drugs. Galbanum oil can help the body combat many health problems.

2. It’s an Anti-Spasmodic

Not only muscle spasms galbanum oil also reduces spasms in the intestinal tract. It is excellent for treating muscle pulls and relieving cramps.

It gets the pain away from muscles and joints too. So it is a smart choice for athletes and those who do a physical activity a lot.

3. Galbanum Oil Helps With ArthritisArthritis

Galbanum oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, oil is excellent for patients with arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of joints. [7]

You can use it rather than taking painkillers to lessen the joints pain. It is suitable for rheumatism too.

4. It Relieves Muscle Contraction

If you have pain in the muscle galbanum oil will help you get rid of the tightening as well as contracting. The oil is an astringent.

It means it can prevent the sagging of muscles and skin and provide a more toned abdominal section. [8]

How you can use galbanum oil to relieve muscle:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and 5 drops of galbanum oil and massage it concentrating on the hurting area. Also, can add geranium oil.
  • A blend of lavender, black pepper, chamomile, and clary sage with galbanum can treat pains.

5. Galbanum Oil may Treat Athlete’s Foot

You can treat this fungal condition of the feet very well with this phenomenal oil.

An easy way to use galbanum oil for athlete’s foot:

  • Make a foot bath with 5 drops of the oil in warm water and sea salt.

6. It can Assist Your Respiratory System

In various ways, galbanum oil can help you with your respiratory system. The oil can protect and heal the respiratory system in times of need. [9]

Learn how you may use galbanum oil for the respiratory system:

  • Add it with Scots pine, fir, rosemary, Atlas cedarwood, and lemon.
  • Soak your feet in it twice daily for better and faster results.

7. Galbanum Oil is a DecongestantDecongestant

It means galbanum oil can clear up congestion and reduce cold and cough. It is also helpful in soothing bronchitis symptoms. [10]

It may clear the lungs, nostrils, and respiratory tracts. Just sniffing will do the trick.

8. It’s a Detoxifier

The oil helps to get rid of toxins in the blood. A particular hormone growth often affects sebum production and thus controls skin conditions. Galbanum oil can manage that hormone. [11]

9. Galbanum Oil is Good For the Heart

The oil has anti-inflammatory power. It can also heal inflammation of the heart and even lower bad cholesterol. A 2013 study has supported the fact. [12]

10. It may Enhance Circulation

It stimulates and energizes the blood circulation and lymph in the body. [13]

Thus it keeps the body healthy, away from infection, and disease. It may also prevent rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

11. Galbanum Oil is a Relaxer

The sweet and floral odor of galbanum oil which is very fresh calms the body and mind to relax you.

The oil is very good for treating fatigue, stress, tension, lethargy, and other nervous tissues. [14]

12. It can Heal WoundsWounds

It can heal wounds. The oil promotes the gathering of leucocytes and platelets around the wound. It helps form a safety cover against infections. Galbanum oil also prevents fungal or bacterial development around the wound. [15]

13. Galbanum Oil can Regenerate Skin

Galbanum oil is an effective cicatrizant. A cicatrizant is something that can remove scars from the skin by producing a new healthy cell. [16]

The oil also revitalizes the skin and makes it glow.

Here’s how you may use galbanum oil as a cicatrisant:

You may apply a few drops of this oil to the damaged skin area. New cells and tissue may start to develop soon. It will also vanish the previous scars.

14. It’s a Moisturizer

Using it on the skin will get rid of stretch marks and fat cracks in the skin. After liposuction, or losing weight these oils helps to get the skin back in shape. Skin will be smoother, shining, and clear.

15. Galbanum Oil may Treat Acne

Applying galbanum oil to the skin will keep the acne at bay. Skincare products infused with galbanum are a good acne management system. [17]

Try these galbanum oil recipes to treat your acne

  • Add 5 drops of galbanum oil to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and rub it on the infected area twice daily. Adding 2 drops of galbanum oil to face or body wash is also a great idea. It can treat dermatitis also.
  • Make a blend of lavender, geranium, sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, and violet leaf with galbanum. It may create an integumentary product.

16. It’s an Anti-Aging Agent

This essential oil is an astringent as well. It can build new cells in parts of the body that means can diminish wrinkles. Facial skin gets tightened, and the effects of aging decelerate.

How to use galbanum oil as an anti-aging agent:

Add 2 drops of the oil to the facial cream and use it twice daily. Wrinkles will start to disappear in a week or two.

17. Galbanum Oil is an Anti-Parasitic

Galbanum is very good at keeping parasites away from both humans and pets. [18]

So consider including the oil in bathing water or shampoo and get rid of those pests for good.

18. It can Fight Infections

It has antibacterial properties which safeguard the body from infection. It stops bacteria from growing.

A simple way to use galbanum oil to ease infection:

  • Rub two drops of geranium oil on the cut or infection and wrap it with a clean cloth or gauze.
  • It will heal the wound. Do it twice till it heals.
  • While combating external infection, the oil also tackles internal infection. It means you can be healthy from the inside as well.

19. Galbanum Oil is a Nerve Smoother

Galbanum oil help manage psychosomatic disorders, stress relief as well as panic attacks. Its nerve-calming effect helps people struggling with claustrophobia and agoraphobia.

You can combine galbanum oil with rose, grapefruit, lemon, or orange oils. The mixture will soothe the nerves.

Try mixing it with jasmine, lotus, ylang-ylang, frankincense, cardamom, and tuberose oils.

20. It may Enhance Mental Function

Inhaling galbanum oils can help to think more clearly and positively. It increases concentration and makes you take a decision.

21. Galbanum Oil is an Antidepressant

Galbanum oil is a fantastic depression fighter. Those who suffer from depression, anxiety, anger, etc. can be greatly benefited from the oil. It lifts the mood and spirit.

22. It can Treat Sores And Ulcers

With its ability to fight infection it can cure both internal and external sores and ulcers. It also gets rid of muscular problems related to lymph.

23. Galbanum Oil is an Insect Repellent

Galbanum oil is good to use around the house. You can use it as a natural repellent. Mix the oil with water. Spray it around the house or on your body.

Mosquitos and all sorts of bugs will stay away. You can also add baking soda to enhance the effect.

24. It’s a Bug Bite healer

The oil is capable of taking care of bug bites as well. Massaging the oil on the bit will clear the area, and stop the itch and irritation.

These are the biggest benefits of galbanum oil that can help you in your daily life and allows you to be healthy. [18]

It has insufficient evidence in helping with digestion problems, intestinal gas (flatulence), cough, etc.

25. Galbanum Oil is Great in Skincare

Unlike any other essential oil, galbanum oil is suitable for topical use, aromatherapy, and cooking.

How you can use galbanum oil for your skincare:

To massage it on the skin mix 10 drops of Galbanum, 5 drops of Helichrysum, and 5 drops of Copaiba in a 2-ounce squeeze bottle. Fill up the rest with Jojoba oil. Shake it well. It can be used over inflamed areas as well.

Precautions Before Using Galbanum Oil

Just like any other essential oil galbanum oil too need special observation. All essential oil treatments should be done under an expert’s supervision or after consulting them.

  • Talk to your doctor. If you have any medical condition, it is not at all wise to start essential oil treatment without proper information and preparation.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women must be very careful. If there is any discomfort immediately stop it.
  • Never apply essential oil directly to the skin. Dilute it in water or carrier oil must. Must not be applied to broken skin and abrasion.
  • For internal use and cooking always seek a licensed aromatherapist or physician’s help.
  • Kids above 2 years can use it but with a very thin consistency. Their max dilution is 1%.
  • But, galbanum oil is approved by the FDA as a food flavoring agent and additive. So you can take a guess now. (19,20)


The essential oil that is pure does not go rancid. But it gets oxidized and deteriorates due to the sun, air, etc.

Then, it loses the therapeutic value and aromatic quality. Usually, galbanum oil can survive 2 years of shelf-life.

But the number is variable depending on its distillation process to its distributor. Check it well and mark the date. It is not wise to use it after the oil has transformed into something else.

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