Ocotea essential oil comes from the stem and leaves of ocotea, a flowering plant native to Ecuador. [1]

It’s related to the cinnamon species but comes with a different fragrance.

Ocotea essential oil is not so widely known but contains a wide array of unique qualities. It’s an effective and versatile essential oil that has many health benefits.

The list of ocotea essential oil uses & benefits is quite long. You can use this oil to treat inflammation, heart problems, blood pressure, stress, and many more.

This article focuses on some potential uses, benefits, and side effects of ocotea essential oil. 

Benefits & Uses of Ocotea Essential Oil

There isn’t much research on the nutrient values of ocotea essential oil. But, the oil contains active ingredients such as alpha-humulene, beta-caryophyllene, camphor, and safrole. [1]

These properties are responsible for most of the health benefits and use it offers.

1. Ocotea Oil May Control DiabetesControl Diabetes

A moderate blood sugar level is a must for diabetic patients. Ocotea essential oil can reduce glucose levels and increase insulin resistance.

Essential oils aren’t usually for oral consumption. But some study shows that you can take 2-3 drops of ocotea oil to control blood sugar level. [2]

Use this oil with proper caution if you’re under medication that lowers blood sugar.

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2. It May Maintain Heart HealthHeart Health

Ocotea essential oil is a natural anti-oxidant agent. [3] Thus, it can improve cardiovascular health.

The oil can prevent heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis, and irregular heart palpitation. [4]

Ocotea oil can optimize blood supply to the heart, ensuring its strength.

3. Ocotea Oil May Prevent Fungal InfectionsFungal Infections

Ocotea oil is rich in anti-fungal properties. Therefore, it can protect you from irritating fungal infections like Athlete’s foot. [5]

Due to its antibacterial effects, the oil can also treat candida.

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4. It May Improve Digestive System

If you suffer from diarrhea, cramps, and constipation, ocotea oil can be a good choice for you.

The oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Thus, it can help ensure a healthy and smooth digestive process. [6]

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5. Ocotea Oil May Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Ocotea oil is quite popular used in aromatherapy. It’s because this oil can reduce stress hormone levels and ease the nervous system. [7]

Using this oil can keep you relaxed and promote calmness and peace.

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6. It May Promote Healthy HairHealthy Hair

Ocotea oil can reduce the amount of hair fall, by improving follicle health.

The oil has antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant components. [8]

Thus, it can protect your scalp from any infections and ensure healthy hair.

7. Ocotea Oil May Aid in Weight Loss

Overeating and snacking between meals can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Ocotea oil can help you lose weight safely and healthily. Adding a few drops of ocotea oil to a glass of drinking water can give you a feeling of fullness. It means you will stop overeating. [9]

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8. It May Reduce Inflammation

Ocotea oil can relieve so many inflammatory conditions such as upset stomach, itchy skin, muscle pain, and joint disorders. [10]

When applied topically or inhaled, this oil can soothe your tissues and muscle system. It can also treat skin inflammation and swollen patches on your skin.

9. Ocotea Oil May Soothe Headaches

If you’re suffering from migraines or headaches, ocotea oil can help you get rid of that pain.

Due to its calming effects and anti-inflammatory components, this oil can reduce pain, and stress, and induce calmness. [11]

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How to Use Ocotea Essential Oil

There are several ways to use ocotea essential oil. You can try any of them to get the benefit.


  • Dilute ocotea oil with olive oil or water. Consult with an expert or medical practitioner for the best dosage.
  • Apply the diluted oil to your affected area and massage.


  • Pour a few drops of ocotea essential oil into a diffuser.
  • Let the aroma spread into your home and inhale it to calm yourself.

Some Side Effects of Ocotea Essential Oil

While the oil is rich in medicinal properties, it has some adverse effects as well. Below is the list of its possible side effects:

  • In some rare cases, ocotea oil can cause skin irritation such as rash, itchiness, and swelling. Just pour a few drops on your skin and wait for 3-4 hours. It will help you know whether you’re allergic to this oil or not.
  • If you’re under medication for diabetes, you must use this oil after discussing a doctor. The oil may drop your blood sugar level drastically, causing fatigue, cognitive confusion, and even fainting.
  • Ocotea essential oil may sometimes cause extreme hypotension. It can happen if you’re already under medication for high blood pressure. If you want to use the oil, ask your doctor about possible interactions with prescribed medications.
  • Pregnant women are highly recommended to avoid this oil. There’s not enough research on it. But you must ask your doctor to avoid any threat to your fetus.
  • Ocotea oil isn’t suitable for children and infants. Do not use this oil on them.

Bottom Line

Ocotea oil may not be so famous, but its health benefits and versatility can’t be overlooked.

Starting from a minor skin infection to cardiovascular diseases to stress, this oil may help you deal with each one of them.

But, natural doesn’t always mean safe. As ocotea oil has some side effects, use with precaution can help get the best out of it.

Always buy this oil from a reputed supplier. If you buy them from an unethical seller, you may not get pure ocotea oil.

Using with proper moderation and under expert supervision may provide you with numerous benefits that you didn’t know before.

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