Ear mites in dogs are one of the most common problems. They can affect the well-being of your dog. 

In fact, ear mites are so common that almost every dog has ear mites at one point or the other in their lifetime. 

Yet, people take it lightly and wait for it to recover on its own. It is wrong because ear mites can cause pain and irritation that affects your dog to a great extent. Immediate treatment is necessary as they’re contagious and can spread to other pets as well. 

The traditional dog ear mite treatment is costly and time-consuming. 

By the end of this article, you will get to know all about ear mite infestation. Especially, some effective home remedies that may help your dog get relief at home.

The article also covers the signs and preventative measures for ear mites in dogs.

So How Do You Know If Your Dog Has Ear Mites?

It’s hard to tell what the cause of illness in dogs is. But some symptoms will help you to understand if your pet is suffering from an ear mite infection

Symptoms of ear mites in dogs include:

  • Frequent shaking of the head and excessive scratching over the ear area. 
  • Crusts around the outer ear of your dog [2]
  • You might also notice a strong odor along with bumps at the ear canals. 

16 Effective Remedies for Ear Mites in Dogs Ear-Mites-In-Dogs-top

Ear mite infestation if left untreated can lead to serious complications. These complications include ear damage and skin infection. Moreover, sometimes, these can be permanent! [2, 3]

So, if you find that your dog has ear mites, then you should control it as soon as possible. [1

Going to a vet is the best way to get rid of ear mites in dogs. Then again, it might not always be possible to get ear mite treatment for dogs from a vet. 

So here are some simple but effective home remedies that may be helpful for your pet:

1. White Vinegar

white vinegar on the wooden table top

Vinegar has always been in use as a remedy for many medical problems since the 18th century. [4]

Its use has been in medical problems such as upset stomach, poison ivy, croup among many others.

Dog ear mites’ treatment with vinegar is the first and most popular home remedy. It is a quick and effective solution.

White vinegar may help “create an environment in the ear canal where pathogens (bacteria, fungus) cannot live.” [5]

Also, research has shown that vinegar is an effective treatment for ear infections. [4]

But, you should be very careful when using vinegar on pets with sores or lesions inside the ears.

How to use vinegar for dog ear mites:

Make a mixture using two tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Pour half of the mixture into the ear and massage gently. Then soak a cotton ball in the bowl and using this wet ball wipe the inside of the dog’s ear.

You can do this every day for one week.

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2. Aloe VeraAloe-Vera

Aloe vera has been a prime medication to treat wounds, burns, and skin irritations. [5]

The gel contains compounds that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. So, it can help reduce the irritation caused by ear mites.

These are also known to boost the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate.

A publication in the Indian Journal of Dermatology revealed that aloe vera contains gibberellins. It is a type of growth hormone that boosts collagen formation. [6]

Aloe vera can, thus, speed up the healing of lesions and crusts caused by ear mites. 

How to use aloe vera for fleas in dogs’ ears:

Cut and peel off the skin of one aloe vera leaf to expose the gel-like flesh inside. Swipe the gel from the leaf using a cotton ball then apply aloe vera gel inside the dog’s ear.

You may do this every day for one week.

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3. Corn OilCorn-Oil

Corn oil may soothe pain and itchiness, and drown ear mites. It also promotes the healing process in-ear mite infection. Dogs’ skin can absorb the oil as it has 59% linoleic acid. [7

How you can use corn oil for natural ear mite treatment:

Using an eyedropper, place two to three drops of corn oil in your dog’s ear and massage. 

You may also apply corn oil to the outer ear using a cotton swab. Repeat once a day for ten days or more.

4. Almond Oilalmond-oil

Almond oil is also known for its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. [8]

Research has also found that almond oil may speed up the process of healing wounds. [9]

It makes it difficult for parasites to thrive inside the dog’s ear. And also provides relief from pain and swelling.

How you can use almond oil as ear mite home remedy for dogs:

Heat 1/2 ounce of almond oil and 400 IUs of vitamin E in a pan over low heat for one minute. Use an eyedropper to apply one to two drops into the affected ear and massage.

Repeat this process on alternate days for one week.

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5. Boracic Acid

According to Wikipedia, boracic acid has uses as an antiseptic for minor wounds and cuts.

Its strong antiseptic properties may treat infections caused by ear mites.

One study revealed that boracic acid works just as well as antibiotic and steroid ear drops in treating chronic ear infections. [10

How to use boracic acid for natural ear mite treatment:

Mix one-quarter cup boracic acid with one cup of water.  Use the solution to clean and wash your dog’s ears. You may do this once a day for two weeks.

6. Yellow Dock Root Extract

A study investigated the healing potentials of various therapeutic plants. The results of the study gave yellow dock root the highest score. [11]

This herb can kill harmful organisms that can worsen the infection caused by ear mites. [12, 13, 14]

How to use yellow dock root extract for fleas in dog’s ears:

To one tablespoon of warm water add nine drops of yellow dock root extract. Pour two to three drops of the mixture into the dog’s ear using a dropper. Then massage the dog’s ear gently.

You can do this every other day for six weeks.

7. HoneyHoney

Honey possesses immunomodulatory properties that speed up the healing of wounds. [15]

Prevention of infection occurs due to the “protective barrier” of honey’s high viscosity. [15

Several studies have shown the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of honey. [15, 16, 17, 18]

The antimicrobial activities are due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide. It produces beneficial enzymes. [15]

The high sugar content in honey also inhibits the growth and spread of pathogens. [15]

Honey speeds up the process of healing wounds. That’s why it’s a practical remedy for infections brought about by ear mites. [18]

How to use honey as ear mite home remedy for dogs:

Prepare a mixture using three teaspoons of raw honey and three ounces of warm water. 

Next, use a bulb syringe to inject the mixture into your dog’s ear.

You may do this remedy three times a week for one month or until you see improvement in your dog’s condition. 

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8. Calendula

Calendula won’t kill the parasites. It has anti-inflammatory and wound healing abilities. 

So it can relieve symptoms like inflammation, and irritation and speed up healing. [19]

You can prepare calendula for ear mite treatment by:

Mix one cup of calendula tea, one ounce of tea tree oil, and two drops of lavender essential oil to form the solution. 

You take this solution into a bulb syringe and apply it to the dog’s ear.

You may continue this treatment three times a week for three to four weeks.

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9. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide may help clear out ear mites. But, you should only use it for dogs that can stay put as this can harm the eyes.

Hydrogen peroxide in various concentrations can suppress the activities of parasites. [20, 21

How you can use hydrogen peroxide for natural ear mite treatment:

In a small bowl take one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and soak a cotton ball in the solution.

Apply the solution to your dog’s ears using the cotton ball.

Do this two to three times a week.

10. Mineral OilMineral-Oil

Mineral oil works in two ways of treating ear mites. First, it kills and smothers the parasites living inside your dog’s ears.

Second, it unclogs the blockage in the ear canal that may prevent your dog from hearing. [21]

How to use mineral oil for dogs’ mites:

Clean your dog’s ear flaps with a cotton ball dabbed in a few drops of mineral oil.

You should do this twice a week for a month.

11. Garlicgarlic

Garlic is famous for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, among many others.

Garlic is also believed to be a useful remedy for ear mites in dogs.

The active compound allicin in garlic exhibits anti-parasitic and antibacterial effects. [22]

It works by inhibiting the growth and spread of parasites and microbes. [22]

Topical application of it to lesions may inhibit the bacterial spread and prevent further infection. [23

Here’s how you can use garlic for treating your dog from ear mites:

Peel and grind six cloves of garlic in a food processor until the consistency becomes like a paste. To it add one tablespoon of olive oil and mix them well. 

Over low heat warm this mixture in a pan and remove from heat after a while. 

It is important to cool the mixture a little before giving this mixture to your dog’s ears. You can use a dropper to pour the mixture drop by drop into your dog’s ear canal.

12. Tea Tree OilEssential Oils to Soothe Burns

Tea tree essential oil is a native of Australia. [24]

The tea tree is famous for curing many fungal and bacterial infections in humans. Such as cold, congestion, yeast infection, acne, skin tags, and bumps.

Many skincare products and cosmetics contain this oil as one of the main ingredients. [25]

Its antimicrobial and antiseptic potential of it comes from the active compound terpinene-4-ol. Moreover, the oil also contains the anti-inflammatory compound cineole in a lower amount.

A simple preparation of tea tree oil for ear mites:

To 4-5 drops of tea tree oil add one tablespoon of carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil. This dilutes the tea tree oil and you can now apply it to your furry friend. 

Apply the solution to the ears and massage all over. 

Repeat the process every alternative day for four weeks.

Important Note: Even the diluted form of tea tree oil may cause allergic reactions in some breeds of dogs. So, talk to your vet before you try this treatment.

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13. Neem Oil with Grapeseed Oilgrape-oil

Neem oil is a natural pesticide. Neem oil is very active in controlling pests and skin diseases.

Neem oil has many therapeutic components. Such as Nimbin, meliantriol, nimbolide, salannin, limonoids, etc. [26]

The oil also contains anti-microbial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antipyretic properties. [27]

If you choose neem oil, it is advisable that you combine this oil with grapeseed oil.

The major component in grapeseed oil (linoleic acid) can bring ease to the inflamed skin. [28

Preparation of neem oil for treatment of ear mite:

Add one tablespoon of grapeseed oil to 4-5 drops of natural neem oil and warmed mildly. Using an ear dropper put a few drops of the solution into both the ear canals. 

Next, soak a cotton ball with the oil solution and apply it to the external areas of the ears.

Repeat the treatment every night for a week. You may wash off the oil from the dog’s ears in the morning.

14. Castor OilCastor-Oil

Castor oil can easily penetrate into sebum glands and clean the clogged pores. [29]

Castor oil may disinfect and kill the ear mites in no time. The oil can loosen the accumulated wax as well.

The omega-9 and 6, and ricinoleic fatty acids in castor oil are antibacterial.

The bioactive components of undecylenic acid and triglycerides may ease swelling and irritation. 

A mixture of castor oil and honey can play havoc on the ear mites in dogs. 

Simple preparation of castor oil for ear mites: 

Mix one tablespoon of castor oil with one tablespoon of water and dilute it well. To this diluted oil solution, add honey. 

Put this mixture into the ear canals of your pet using a dropper. You may also apply some of it to the earlobes and other external areas of the ears. 

Repeat the process every alternate night before bedtime, for a week.

15. Coconut Oilcoconut-oi

Coconut oil is one of the most effective home remedies for ear mites. [30]

Coconut oil is rich in low chain fatty acids and lauric acid. These fatty acids are potent with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal qualities. [30]

Coconut oil soothes the itch, irritations, and swellings. And also heal the wounds caused by the ear mites.

You can use this oil for preventing ear mites on your pets.

Simple coconut oil preparation for fleas in dog’s ears:

Mildly heat one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil with half a tablespoon of olive oil. Use a dropper to put the oil mixture into the ear canals of your dog. 

Also, massage the oil onto the earlobes and other affected areas.

Repeat the process for two weeks to get rid of ear mites from your dog.

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16. Olive Oilolive oil

Using olive oil may help to reduce cardiovascular diseases and bacterial infections. [31

It is also a natural method for killing dog ear mites.

Regular application of it can soothe irritated skin and help the wounds to heal caused by ear mites. 

How to prepare olive oil to fight ear mites:

Mix one tablespoon olive oil, one vitamin E capsule, and one teaspoon of fresh peppermint or clove. 

Allow the mixture to steep for 24 to 48 hours and strain through a cheesecloth and store in a glass jar. 

Use an ear dropper to put a drop of the mixture into each ear twice a day.

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How to Prevent Ear Mites on Dogs?

It is vital that you prevent the reoccurrence of ear mite infection in the future. 

Various preventive measures will help to ensure that the pesky parasites don’t strike back. Here are a few tips that you should follow to rule out the chances of infestation: 

Maintain a good hygiene regime for your dog – you should clean the dog’s ears at least once every month. It is important to discourage the presence and breeding of ear mites in dogs.

You should regularly clean your dog’s cage, bedding, and food bowl with hot water and soap. This practice is especially vital after your dog has recovered from the ear mites. Dog’s ear mites are contagious.

The eggs can be just about anywhere. The live mites may keep on lurking in the crusts, and skin flakes of the dog. Once they hatch, they look for a host to breed more.

Give regular baths to your dog – Dog ear mites are contagious. That’s why you should bathe your dog at least thrice a week.

This way you can prevent many of the live bugs from hiding in the skin and ears of the pet. A warm shower using shampoo can prevent the spread of the infestation to other parts of the dog’s body.

Traditional Ear Mite Medications

Some over-the-counter ear mite medications may fasten ear mite treatment for dogs. These include:

Ear Cleaners

Cleaning the ear canals and the surrounding areas of the ears are primary treatments for dog ear mites. The mites may lead to ear infections and build-up discharge inside the ear canals. 

There are many sedatives and commercial canine ear cleaners that you can use to clean up the pet’s ears. These ear cleaners can remove the discharge and prevent possible ear infections. 

Oral Medications

Ear infection in dogs can bring about much pain and swellings for your pet. 

For this, your vet may prescribe oral anti-inflammatory and antibiotics for your dogs.


Using pesticides can be the best over-the-counter treatment for ear mites. You can find them at medical shops or vet pharmacies.

You should search for those containing thiabendazole, ivermectin, pyrethrins, fipronil, and selamectin. 

Usually, you need to administer the pesticide for four weeks to the ears, the tail, and the feet to reduce infestations.

Ear Drops for Dog Mites

Your vet may also prescribe an ear drop solution for the affected dog. Ear drops are very effective in reducing irritation and pain. 

When to Consult a Vet for Fleas in Dog’s Ears

Not all dogs’ body systems will react to the home remedies discussed above in the same manner. Some may be allergic to some of the components. Some may respond to one treatment better than another. 

At all times you should know whether your pet is allergic to any specific substance. 

Also, before using any essential oil-related remedy, you should at least speak to your pet’s vet over the phone. 

It is never a good practice to delay visits to the vet if you notice anything unusual on your pet. That may be before trying any home remedy or after. 

You should take your dog immediately to the vet if you notice bleeding from the ears and fever. 


We love our pets, and we will do anything to keep them happy, but ear mites can be traumatizing for you and your dog. Hence, do not take ear mites in your pets lightly!

Take your beloved dog for treatment immediately before it causes any complications. 

Sometimes medications for this infestation may be expensive and have side effects. But these home remedies for ear mites in dogs are inexpensive and safe for your pets.

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