Pinworms are tiny pin shaped worms that live in human colon and rectum.

Another name for it is threadworms. They are half an inch long.

The female Pinworm leaves the intestine when the host sleeps and lays eggs in the anus.

Pinworms are very contagious. Pinworm infection happens mostly in children who go to school. The carriers family is at risk of getting infected.

You can seek professional help from doctors or pick a solution from the available home remedies for pinworms as listed in this article. (1)

In This Article You Will Find:

  • How Pinworms Spread
  • Symptoms
  • Testing for Pinworms
  • Twenty Home Remedies for Pinworm
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Pinworms Spread?

Pinworms spread from person to person. The egg hatch after two weeks. People unknowingly scratch their bottoms then touch things without washing their hands.

Eggs lace skin and embed into nails. Both direct and indirect contact leads to the spread of pinworms. Never Put unwashed hands near your mouth.


The symptoms of pinworms are hard to detect. Notice the following:

If you have some of these symptoms, go to the doctor. Pinworms are not that harmful when there are a few. A lot of pinworms could be risky. They could make their way into the uterus and fallopian tubes through the vagina. Vulvovaginitis, an inflammation of the vagina could happen. (2)

A tape test can be used to confirm the pinworm infection. Stick tape to the skin around the anus right after waking up. Eggs will be present on the tape. Repeat the process for a few days. Take the tapes to a doctor to inspect. (3)

20 Natural Home Remedies for Treating Pinworms

1. Change Your Diet

Eat healthy to build an active immunity. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Refrain from Carbohydrates and sugar. Eat lots of fiber to help evacuate them naturally.

Probiotics like yogurt help keep the urinary tract healthy and fight pinworms. Try to get sugarless yogurt.

2. Hygiene

Uncleanliness spreads pinworms. Make sure to cut your nails. Wash your hands regularly. Shower properly and clean everything. Pinworm eggs could be on cloth so clean used clothes regularly. Hot water kills pinworms.

3. Garlic

is useful in getting rid of pinworms. It is one of the home remedies for pinworm for both adults and kids. It is a potent herb.

It is rich in magnesium, vitamin B6, iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, Calcium and vitamin A. these properties give garlic lots of health benefits. Garlic works well to prevent cholesterol and high blood pressure other than ridding pinworms.

Mash up some garlic into a paste and mix with Vaseline. Apply to the rectal zone to kill pinworms. If your skin is sensitive, it might burn. It is best to move on to another remedy if applying garlic is uncomfortable. Excess garlic intake in infants could be fatal. (4)

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4. Grapefruit Seed

Grapefruit seed extract cleanses the digestive system. You will find it in capsule and liquid form. It fights fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites like pinworms.

Ten drops of it in a glass of water is a proper dosage to take three times a day. Continue for a week for results.

One 100-milligram capsule divided into three parts to Take three times a day is the recommended dosage. The intake of Grapefruit extract can lead to puking up pinworms. This remedy goes hand in hand with cleanliness.

5. WormwoodWormwood

All parts of wormwood have medical purposes. It’s good for stomach upsets, appetite falls, intestinal spasms and gallbladder disease.

Woodworm works well against pinworms. Its active ingredients are isothujone, santonin and thujone.

Mix a couple of drops of with a cup of water and drink it. Alternatively, make tea and drink it. Drink it when you have an empty stomach. This remedy is suitable for children.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Coconut oil gets rid of all sorts of worms and infections.

Take one teaspoon of coconut oil right when you wake up. Rub it on your anal region. (5)

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7. CarrotsCarrots

Carrots contain vitamin B6, B12, B3, C, K, A, biotin, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, folate, and magnesium. It’s great for the digestive system. They can flush out pinworms from your body.

Fresh carrots are delicious as they are. You can add other ingredients and make an excellent meal out of your remedy.

8. White Willow Barks

Home remedies for pinworms come in many shapes and sizes. One popular solution is white willow barks. It comes from the Salix alba tree. The plant grows across Asia and Europe. The white hairs on its leaves led to it being named white willow.

Don’t eat it if you are allergic to aspirin. You should also avoid it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Children and teenagers should always stay away from it.

9. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds flush out pinworms. Cucurbits in pumpkin seeds paralyze pinworms. That is why most of them are past out during defecation.

Add laxative with pumpkin seeds for it to work well. Blend a cup of pumpkin seeds. Mix it with plain yogurt or coconut milk. Make a smooth paste and eat it on an empty stomach. Add raw honey for additional aid. Drink water after an hour.

Take the remedy regularly for a week. Treat yourself every other week. You should get all the better after a month.

10. Cloves with Flax Seeds

Cloves with flax seeds expel pinworms from your intestine. Cloves and flax seeds should be mixed and crushed together in a ratio of 1:10 respectively make the remedy into powder. Mix it with the food that you cook.

This remedy should be administered for three days then take three days off. Repeat this cycle for a month. You should be pinworm free by then.

11. Squash Seed

Squash seed is perfect for pinworm infections. You should crush up fifty grams of squash seeds, boil it for fifteen minutes on low flame. Add some water after cooling.

You should take the remedy between meals. Regular usage will kill the pinworms.

12. Onion

Onion contains many nutrients including folate, vitamin B1, C, B6, copper, biotin, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. These are good for intestinal health. (5)

Half a cup of onion serving every day is perfect. It is one of the most natural home remedies for pinworms. Drink it in three portions distributed throughout the will kill pinworms in your intestine when the treatment takes effect.

13. Bitter GourdBitter-Gourd

Also known as bitter melon, this bitter vegetable is useful for treating pinworms and other parasites. It flushes out eggs and worms from the body.

Pick the firm ones that are not ripe. Wash thoroughly then slice it into small pieces. Soak in salt water so that the bitterness goes away. Take out the seeds. Juice the vegetable and mix it with honey.

Too much of bitter gourd cause stomach pain and diarrhea. Keep it away from pregnant women.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar

A glass of water with ACV every day will give you good results. Two spoons should do. Apple cider vinegar is useful for many things like removing moles and acne. It stars in the list of home remedies for pinworms because of its effectiveness.

15. Ginger

Ginger adds flavor to dishes and fights pinworms. It kills other intestinal worms too. Ginger is also useful for nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. You can find ginger in any market.

Eat ginger raw, add it to your food and drink it as a tea. Five minutes in boiling water makes a mean pinworm remedy. (6)

16. Cabbages

Cabbages are good for lowering cholesterol. It has vitamin C, magnesium, sulfur, and fiber. Cabbages kill pinworms in the intestine. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties too.

Have cabbage with your meal on a regular basis. Keep it in the fridge for freshness.

17. Castor Oil

Castor Oil cures a lot of things. It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that kill pinworms.

One spoon of Castor Oil on a daily basis will give you good results. The worms will not be able to stick to the walls of your intestine. They will rush out of your system when you go to the toilet.

18. Radish

Radish has a sweet, pungent taste. It comes in many colors like red or black. You can eat radish in many ways. People eat them raw, add it to dishes or pickle it.

It is suitable for fevers, kidney problems, dehydration, insect bites, constipation, sore throats, gastric issues, and cough. It is no wonder that radish is one of the most commonly used home remedies for pinworms. Treatment is suitable for adults and children.

Juice the radish and add salt to it. You should drink it every day. Add some dishes that include radish into your diet.

Drinking the juice three times a day will lead to complete elimination of pinworms and eggs.

19. Diatomaceous EarthDiatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth naturally cures pinworms. Find food grade Diatomaceous Earth to use in your remedy. Like radish, this home remedy is also child-friendly. Do not buy it mixed with toxic ingredients.

Food grade Diatomaceous works well against pinworms and their larvae. The worms get dehydrated leading to death.

Take it with applesauce and water. The continual usage of this remedy will prove its worth. (7)

Prevention Tips

This article has listed many home remedies for pinworms that are effective. Once you have gotten rid of your pinworm infection, you must take precautions so that the worms never re-visit you.

  • You should educate your child in the value of cleanliness from a very early age. It is natural for your child to be messy. They love to touch everything and put it in their mouths. Your job is to make sure that the child stays clean every day.
  • It is crucial that you stay clean your self. Make sure that you cut your nails and take regular showers. Clean your pelvic region with antiseptic. Clean your clothes regularly. You never know what could be on them even if they seem clean. Keep your underwear clean.
  • Please clean your house. Worms spread indirectly too so there might be eggs all around the house. A clean home safeguards the entire family from micro enemies.
  • When you see the symptoms of pinworms in yourself or someone in your family, contact the doctor. Even if you decide to use home remedies for pinworms, you should still consult a doctor.
  • Avoid scratching because it only makes it worse. Don’t share towels; you should have your own.
  • When you know that your child has pinworms, contact his or her school and notify them so that precautions fight against further spreading. Prevention is much better than damage control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can pinworm treatment in adults be applied to children?

Answer: Some of the treatments are suitable for only adults. Some remedies are safe for children. One example is wormwood.

Question: What are the home remedies for pinworms while pregnant?

Answer: If you are pregnant and do not want to risk an adverse reaction from home remedies for pinworms, stick to ginger, radish or onions.

The more natural, the better. You should also stay clean and wash your anus and genitals thoroughly every day.

Question: How do you use garlic for pinworms?

Answer: Garlic paste near the anus serves well. Its eaten with a lot of things. You can use it in your food or have it raw. Garlic paste can lead to skin reactions. Switch to a different home remedy from this article.

Question: Is coconut oil for pinworms affective?

Answer: Yes, coconut oil works well in getting rid of pinworms. You can rub it in your anal region for results.

Question: How does the apple cider vinegar pinworm treatment work?

Answer: A few drops of it with water every day will stop pinworms from bothering you.

Question: What kills pinworm eggs?

Answer: Garlic gets rid of pinworm eggs

Question: Do pinworms go away on their own?

Answer: NO, Pinworms do not go away by themselves. You will have to treat your condition

Question: How to get rid of pinworms overnight?

Answer: Pinworms do not go away overnight. It takes a few weeks to get rid of them.

Bottom Line

People of all ages get pinworms. It is common among children. Prevent the spread of pinworms by keeping your house, family and yourself clean. Use a child-friendly cure like wormwood.

Home remedies for pinworms will take a few weeks to illuminate pinworms fully. You should find out the best treatment for you and repeat the use until your symptoms have cleared

If the home remedies for pinworms do not work and the symptoms become aggressive, show a doctor.

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